B2B blogging – Things you should know

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Blogging is an essential B2B marketing tactic for any business. It is a cost-effective and reliable way to draw more traffic to your website. 

A blog post lets you convert an anonymous visitor into a potential lead. 

Although there are other tactics such as social media marketing, video marketing on the rise, none of these have replaced the essential value of blogging.

Using a holistic marketing approach, you could use other marketing types to drive traffic to your blogs. 

For example, you could use email marketing to encourage people to visit the blog page. 

And to do that, you need the email list. If you don’t have one, it’s good to have your list ready using an email address search tool.

Email address search tool

With advanced innovations and technology, email address search tools such as locate the correct email address of anyone on this planet.

You could start with the free plan, where you will be able to find up to ten email addresses every month for free.

Now let us see how you can blog.

B2B blogging – How to do that?

Well, there is no one right approach to blogging. 

Creating enough of the correct type of content is one of the essential factors for blogging.

It would be best if you had a high volume of original ideas to succeed.

And with the right blogging strategy in place, blogging can be made easier. 

Blogging Strategy

Your blogging strategy should consist of the below elements to make it more effective.

  • Personas
  • Content Strategy


You should know your target audience, i.e., who you are writing the blog is crucial for the expected result.

Generally, people new to business blogging fall into the trap of creating content that appeals to them or the people inside their organization instead of creating content for their target audience.

Have you created content before? To whom did you make the content? 

The prime objective of creating a persona is to ensure that you produce content that answers queries or solves problems of your target segment and thereby builds credibility.

Therefore, concentrate on writing content that is more relevant to your audience than to you or your boss. 

I hope that makes sense to you.

Content strategy

You must have clarity of the subjects you wish to build recognition and authority in. In simple words, you should know how you want people to remember your brand.

When you have this clarity, you will be able to pick the blog topics easily. 

How to write the B2B blogs

You must remember that there is no right or wrong method to write blogs. 

However, with so many people using it for so many years, there are some proven ways to write and structure blog posts to meet the objectives of holding the potential audience’s attention, engaging the reader, and building trust. 

Killer title

As you know, the subject line of an email plays an essential role in an email campaign and the title of a blog.

Keep your titles short and crisp. It should be relevant to your blog content.

Get to the point

B2B buyers do not like to read your blog when it is written concisely and not getting to the point soon.

Make your content informative.

Unless your blog contains valuable information, your readers will not like to read the content, which does not provide value to your readers.

So make sure to add value to them in your blogs.

Easy to read format

You can use short yet informative headings and subheadings to break long posts to read the content easily.

Use illustrations

Humans are more attracted to visual information, and when you use relevant and visually appealing illustrations in your blog, it will get more views and shares.

You may try this out.


All your blogs should contain a prominent and relevant call-to-action button.

Final thoughts

If well written, your blog posts will attract more organic traffic. You can also leverage other marketing channels to drive traffic to your blog page.