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How To Choose A Durable TV Stand For Your Living Room

Tv Stand

You might think of a TV stand as unnecessary, but it’s one of the most important components of a home theater system. TV stands help improve your viewing experience. Aside from that, they help protect your TV while serving as storage for all your other multimedia accessories and components.

But with many units to choose from such as the lowline entertainment unit from RJ Living and others, it could be quite hard to look for a stand that seamlessly blends with your living area.

Below is a guide that should help you choose a durable TV stand for your living room.

1. Consider The TV Size

It’s important to choose the right stand size for your TV. The stand you’re going to choose should be large enough to fit and must provide stable and sturdy support for your TV. If not, then you might have trouble balancing it.

Ensure that the stand is larger than the actual size of your television, so it can provide a secure and sturdy base for your TV. You also want to consider the stand’s capability to support the weight of your TV. Check the manufacturer guidelines to see if the stand is suited for your TV size and model. This is important to prevent the furniture from tipping over, which may cause damage to your TV as well as injuries to anyone nearby. 

2. Pick The Right Type Of Material

If you browse the internet, you can see that most industrial TV stands online are made from either wood or metal. There are also other types of materials used for creating TV stands. They include glass, particle board, and fiberboards.

Wooden TV stands are ideal for homes with a traditional and rustic interior design. Metal TV stands, on the other hand, are more suited for homes with modern designs. Wooden TV stands are usually made from cherry, maple, mahogany, or oak for a more rustic look. They’re also more affordable. Metal TV stands often come with a chrome or metallic finish for a more enhanced appearance.

Glass TV stands are also quite durable since they use metals as support and reinforcement. However, they’re not ideal if you have children or pets. Particle boards and fiberboards are affordable alternatives to wood, but they’re less durable. 

 Out of the all options mentioned above, it’s best if you stick with wood and metal since they’re long-lasting materials. They have a more durable and sturdier base which is important, especially if there are children or pets running around.

3. Comfortable Viewing Height

You don’t want to watch your most favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix while feeling some discomfort, so you need to ensure that your TV stand is positioned at eye level. The best position for your TV stand depends on the height of your sofa. If your sofa chairs are quite high, you can compensate for them by investing in a lowline unit. Because of their low build, these TV stands are guaranteed to provide an optimal viewing experience for you.

4. Must Offer Added Functionality

In addition to choosing a durable stand that matches your home’s interior design, you also need to find a piece that comes with added functionality. Shop for a TV stand that comes with cabinets and drawers. These can serve as a storage option for your other household items such as books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, and others. You can also use them to store your most valuable household items.

It’s also best if you choose a TV stand that comes with cutouts for easy cable or cord management. These cutouts can help you conceal cables to make your home theater setup look clean and wireless. They can also keep your family safe from electrical hazards and tripping caused by wires and cables.

You can also opt for a TV stand that comes with open shelves. It’s a great chic option, which is ideal for homes with smaller living rooms as it helps them look less cramped, especially if the shelves are properly adorned and organized.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to keep all these tips in mind so you’ll have no problem choosing a durable stand that matches your living room’s design. You should be able to pick one that’ll last you for years to come, even if the TV that sits on top of it and the rest of the components of your home theater system have been replaced with newer ones. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you look for a suitable TV stand for your living room.