How To Buy Fresh Orchids Online

We all admire orchids, they smell amazing, are long-lasting and they also symbolize strength.  Orchids are just beautiful and we all see them being used in bouquets at various occasions and you could also get midnight flower delivery in Mumbai.  

Orchids are bulbous, fragrant, long-lasting flowers and a little fragile as they carry their blooms on the long arching stems. They always signify beauty. It is really hard to resist not growing orchids at our place. Although they seem fragile and they also look like they might need a lot of attention but orchids generally are not that fussy. Under the right care, they can easily be managed. 

fresh orchids online

Here are a few things which you should consider before opting for the right orchid for your place. 

  • Are you looking for just displaying?

there is nothing wrong with buying an orchid for just the display purposes or for gifting someone. In such a case you should always look for an orchid which has abundance of buds. This will also let you enjoy the orchid if you care for it properly. 

  • Are you looking for a house plant?

When it comes to orchids flowers online, they tend to bloom from the bottom of the stem to till the end of the tip. In such a case, it has been recommended to always look for an orchid with many stems. 

  • Roots 

When it comes to a healthy orchid always opt for the plant which has visible roots. Healthy roots are rotund upon your touch but over watered roots are brown and a bit soft and pulpy.

  • Leaves

Always look for a plant with green leaves as leaves also speak of health. If you find that the leaves are green in colour at the top and are yellow in the bottom then this means that they have been matured and will fall off soon. 

  • Blooms

Look for a plant-filled with these vibrant colour blooms or plant which still has buds in line, this again means that these buds are going to open up any time soon and voila! New flowers. 

  • Strong stems 

One of the most important qualities of a strong orchid is its ability to stand strong. You must always choose strong stems which can take the weight of the blossoms they have to bear. 


You must always remember the perfect condition to make an orchid last longer.

  • Temperature

Orchids should always be put under the same room temperature that humans prefer. They cannot survive in an atmosphere where the temperature is more than 30oC

It should always be between 21oC TO 27oC during the day time and lesser than these temperatures during the night.

  • Humidity

Don’t forget to keep them in humid conditions. You can always keep them with other plants as it also creates humidity. You can always place a humidifier near your orchids. 

fresh orchids
  • Flower food or fertilizers 

You can ask your florist about the flower food or fertilizers that he recommends for these flowers. The flower food is for the flowers you have kept in the vase and the fertilizers are for the plants you are cultivating. 

Orchids are nature’s true masterpieces. They are undeniably beautiful and fragrant and will make sure that your place remains fragrant for days to follow. 

You can always take care of them in the right way and make sure that they are in a healthy condition. Give them long-lasting life and just see how they brighten up your day every time. 

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