How can you engross your e-commerce business with Alibaba Clone App?

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With the advent of digital marketing, businesses are narrowing down to captivate end users. The B2B e-commerce giants are framing intelligent marketing strategies, and implementing smarter applications. People have a huge obsession with online shopping, and they are getting accustomed to it. There are many business leaders worldwide who excel in the B2B marketplace. One such leading business provider is Alibaba. Alibaba continues to withstand the leading position by providing the best shopping experience for its customers. You too can lead the e-commerce business by implementing smarter marketing strategies, and application. If you are excited about Alibaba’s success and looking to adopt app like Alibaba, then this article will help you do so.

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Business ideation:

  1. The initial step in any business including Alibaba like app development is to identify the requirements of users. The requirements are carefully listed down. This phase is called Requirement gathering and analysis.

  2. Then the requirements are documented and this phase is called Software Requirement Specification(SRS). The SRS is the agreement between users and the company.

  3. Once the requirements are finalized, the demo model is developed and verified with users whether it meets their requirements.

  4. Then in the design phase, requirements are translated into a structure that can be further transformed into source code.

  5. Now the source code is transformed into a suitable programming language and each functionality is added to the prototype.

  6. The modules are added one by one and tested against both positive/negative test cases.

  7. Finally, the system is ready to be launched. The application is ready to run on major platforms.

Key functionalities of the application:

  1. Manufacturers will approach this e-commerce site and make a request to publicize their products.

  2. Once the admin verifies the manufacturers’ accounts, manufacturers can expose their products in the app.

  3. Both domestic and international manufacturers can make use of this platform to sell their products.

  4. Now, buyers/ retailers will register their accounts. The admin confirms their accounts.

  5. Retailers like MSME, Large, and domestic retailers can register in this application.

  6. Retailers can use the many in-app advantages, and make their purchase from the application.

  7. The admin will gain commission from sellers by advertising their products. Advertising products will boost the exposure of sellers’ products as well as promote buyers.

Remarkable features of the application:

User profile- Users will sign into the app after completing the registration process. Users can also log in with their social media handles. This paves way for instant login.

Category based listing- Users don’t have to search through the voluminous products. Instead, they can stick to the category based searching. The app lists products under different categories, making it easy for users to search their desired products.

Filter option– Users can enter the keywords of the products they are looking to buy. This eliminates the need to go through all the items.

Lucid UI- The application has a simple UI making the app easy to understand. Users can easily navigate through the application.

User analytics- The application has inbuilt analytics to track the activities and behaviours of users. With this tracking, admin can suggest items based on users’ previous purchase pattern.

Powerful mailing system- Users will get instant updates from the app via email. Both buyers and sellers can communicate with each other.

Why should you partner with us?

  • We provide robust solutions, and our products are turnkey solutions, it requires less time to launch the application.

  • Our Alibaba clone script helps to save money, as our solutions are budget-friendly.

  • Next big thing is, our solutions are white-labeled, so that you own the complete source code. You can affix the name and logo of your brand.

  • Keeping in mind the future of business expansion, we provide room for scaling up the application.

  • We provide support to your application even after launching them into the marketplace.



I hope that the above article will help you draw a conclusion on launching your e-commerce business with Alibaba clone app. We have a proven record of providing successful clone applications. Reach out to us today, and get our solutions on time.


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