Who Cleans Up the Crime Scene Following a Homicide?


You’ve seen it online, watched it in the news, movies or crime scene related shows. It doesn’t matter how the scene was created, at least we all know that the next thing that happens following an actual crime scene is the typical police tape restricting public access to the crime scene. But what happens when the police have completed their investigation? What happens when every other personnel on the crime scene have gone? Since you’re watching from your TV, it’s easy to switch over to another channel, but what is the fate of the family of the deceased? How do they clean up the mess left behind by the deceased? Homicide cleanup service Houston South Texas is the most ideal option to consider. 

Why You Shouldn’t Take Chances With Homicide Cleanup

Homicide scene is not for the faint at heart. Regardless of the cause of the death, be it accident, suicide, homicide or natural death, a decomposed body leaves behind a great deal of contamination to deal with. Biohazard products like tissue, blood and body fluid requires thorough cleaning procedure. This is not the time to apply standard cleaning procedure. It takes more than that. Contaminated materials are not always salvageable and will need to be disposed following specific removal and disposal protocols. 

Blood :

 Depending on how the traumatic incident occurred, it could leave behind a great deal of blood spill.  Blood contains a lot of biohazard contaminants that are harmful to human. It contains deadly viruses and bacteria as well as bloodborne pathogens. No matter your relationship with the deceased, leave the blood spill cleanup to highly knowledgeable homicide cleanup service Houston South Texas. 

Bodily Fluids:

The deceased body releases whatever it has or has not been holding in. These include gas, urine, feces and bodily fluids. These components carry a lot of deadly pathogens that shouldn’t be tampered with without the right protective gear. This kind of cleanup requires the specialty of professional homicide cleanup service Houston South Texas including cleanup, disinfection and sanitation. 

Decomposed Body:

Once a body becomes lifeless, decomposition sets in. The level of decomposition will be determined by how long it took to discover the lifeless body and the conditions of the surrounding environment. The extent at which the body has decomposed might be somewhat hard to look at, not to mention cleaning the crime scene. The area need to be thoroughly clean and sanitized to guarantee safety for future residents and occupants of the property or users of the space. Gases released from a decomposed body caused foul odor which sometimes permeates porous material within the vicinity. Professional homicide cleanup service Houston South Texas has all the necessary tools and equipment to handle the situation. 

If you want to heal faster from traumatic event following the sudden death of a loved one, it is best that you reach out to a professional cleanup company to help remove the bio contaminates on site. This way, you avoid the health hazards associated with exposure to these harmful pathogens. 

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