Going Through Stress then Shop Dry Eye Masks | Know Why

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Dry eye is one of the most unfavorable conditions that is generally encountered every year.

Look for the “dry eye masks store” if you face any of these symptoms- redness in the eyes, body sensation, tiredness, itching, tired eyes, and recurring eye infection. Age and high dosage medications are also the prominent reasons for a dry eye. 

However, the shocking part is that stress plays a pivotal role in dry eyes. Both in terms of psychological and visual. Over the years, the high percentage of dry eye patients are increasing. The root causes are anxiety and depression. Adults stress work challenges and personal relationships struggling with dry eye disease. Patients such as blepharitis, hordeolum, meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), etc., are generally stressed. 

Contributors to Stress

According to American Psychological Association, the major areas of stress amongst Americans are the environment, economy, and job instability. The worst part is kids below 12 are showing signs of stress. Due to imperative stress amongst adults leads to physical distractions like difficulty sleeping, headaches, stomachs, weight loss, and weight gain. High-level health issues can end up in hypertension, diabetes, obesity, loss of memory, depression, gastrointestinal problems, and much more. 

Modern-day technology drives us into a visual workforce despite the physical workforce. The use of computers, cellphones, and other digital devices/gadgets for long hours impact our vision. Moreover, reduce the moisture content, which leads to dry eyes. The regular use of digital devices influences partial or infrequent blinking, which stops the spread of tear film evenly over the ocular surface. Put on a dry eye mask before going to bed and feel the relief. 

The impact of stress weakens the immune system, which also gives rise to the dry eye issue. The workload is taking the happiness of people. Undoubtedly, earning is important to sustain a living. But make sure to maintain a balance that doesn’t result in poor health. Even the luxurious demands enforce people to become workaholics. Thus, unintentionally running the health.

Management Strategies

Management strategies pay attention to a variety of pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches like- nutritional supplements, antibiotics, lubricants, anti-inflammatory drugs, and punctum plugs. The most common cause of DED (dry eye disease) is the MGD (mentioned above) which fails the individual use of lubricants for treatment.

Dry eyes associated with MGD require to relieve meibomian gland obstruction with the help of warm compresses and lid hygiene. Though difficult to reach the critical melting point to moist the clogged meibomian glands. The use of a heated dry eye sleep mask is an effective treatment. It increases circulation and promotes faster healing. 

Lid hygiene becomes more effective when used with an eyelid cleanser, including Avenova, ZocuFoam, or Ocusoft Lid Scrub. Cleansers & and the use of masks are the natural ways to heal the disease. The use of topical steroids and oral antibiotics serve as the best treatment to prevent anti-inflammatory properties. Ensure not to use them on a long-term basis as they possess potential side effects such as cataracts, glaucoma, gastrointestinal, and many other discomforts. 

The office-going person can follow a quick therapy that radiates heat. All you need to gently massage the meibomian glands evacuating thickened meibum. MiBo ThermoFlo is a therapeutic medical device used to massage the eyelids.   

Final Words

Overall, stress is a prominent reason for the growth of DED. Be certain to take treatment on time to fight against low tear production, poor tear quality, etc. Apart from other medications, dry eye masks reproduce healthy eye glands and offer quick healing.