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Get the Best PRP Hair Treatment in Dubai

PRP hair treatment

Going bald after the 40s is normal in men. The majority of them want to overcome this without any surgical procedure. In this way looking for PRP hair treatment remains the only option. It tackles even severe hair loss concerns safely. That is why PRP is concluded as the most preferred hair loss conduct.

To find the best PRP hair treatment in Dubai, we have written this article for you. It will also help you identifying under which baldness stages it can benefit you. Please keep reading to explore more. PRP in Dubai

About PRP

PRP is an advanced solution for alopecia. It’s based on the natural phenomena of injecting patient’s plasma into their scalp where they face hair loss. Other than pills, medications, or topical ointments it has been found relatively a powerful therapy for treating even alopecia.

Quite recently, the scope of this treatment has been greatly enriched due to its high success rate. To carry this conduct successfully doctors disperse the plasma from the rest of the blood for stimulating the protein cells that are responsible for effective hair growth.

How PRP work for hair loss?

As the name suggests, Platelet-rich plasma. Simply it just involves the injection of plasma into the misbehaved tissues of the scalp. The plasma then enriches the scalp function and then activates the growth of new hair follicles.

The entire process just takes a few minutes so you don’t need to spare much time for it. Typically it’s performed without anesthesia but still, a numbing cream is applied to evade discomfort of injection pinch. Several injections need to be delivered on the directed area of the scalp over a couple of weeks to let the hair growth begin.

Can PRP reverse baldness?

Of course yes.

The idea behind delivering the plasma into the scalp can work for baldness too. According to the latest inquiry, 65% of people reversed baldness through PRP. Since it can trigger baldness but that doesn’t mean, this is for the patchy scalp too. Because in such hair fall issues conditions, there might be some prevalent medical reason. A dermatologist is the right person whom you can consult for health assessment, procedure compatibility, and expected results.

Hence it’s the safest procedure that doesn’t strict the patients from escaping normal activities. So you can simply get back to the daily routine immediately after the procedure.


Best PRP hair treatment in Dubai costs from AED 699 or perhaps 200$. It’s just the rough estimate of cost based on the expenses info from different clinics.

As per your baldness extent, you will be advised of the specific number of sittings you must attend. Each one is charged differently. Most likely you’ll be going to pay less for the further post-sessions of PRP as compared to the initial ones.

Who should get it done?

Anyone who’s going through excess hair loss or baldness can get PRP. It might be more suitable for those who’re currently dealing with hair shedding, not completely bald. As soon as the patients address the hair problem, immediate PRP injections would be much beneficial. There is no hard and fast rule that you will only get PRP after baldness. Tackle your hair transplant in Dubai damage concerns early before they become complex.

For strong scalp results, you need to opt for its straight 5-8 sessions.

Apart from baldness or hair loss, there are a few conditions of which the patients should be aware of. Typically when a person endures bleeding disorder or allergic to something there is a possibility of infection. Please let your doctor know in advance if you have any platelet illness, viral outbreaks, or in case you’re addicted to blood thinners.

How soon will I see the results?

Don’t start expecting instant results from PRP treatment. For great difference wait for at least a couple of months as platelets stimulation claims of some time.

Just keep one thing in mind, PRP isn’t a permanent cure. It’s just conduct that stops the hair shedding and activates the new hair follicles. Get it at least 3-4 sessions monthly to enjoy the long-term benefit.

Get the best PRP hair treatment in Dubai

PRP works effectively for every extent of hair fall problem Its injections stimulate the stem cells and also helps in the formation of new blood cells, which is the death of alopecia. Since this is natural conduct so keep yourself tension free from the post complications.

Almost every clinic in Dubai is offering this quick hair fall solution. But to get from an authentic source should be your least priority. The dynamic clinic is the best known for its successful PRP hair treatments in Dubai.

To know more about this treatment, you can visit their experts or just consult the nearest dermatologist.