Get a Foodpanda Clone App To Explore the Limitless Business Possibilities in This Niche

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The culture of eating at restaurants is getting dethroned by online food delivery apps. These apps are getting popular by leaps and bounds as millennials use it on a daily basis. These apps are gaining prominence because of its user-friendly services and monetary potential. Since the world is progressing towards a digital economy, entrepreneurs have started to get into this sector to explore the business possibilities.

However, developing an app from scratch seems far from reality owing to its drawbacks and risks. Entrepreneurs can also consider to develop a foodpanda clone app that serves dual purposes. The users should be able to search for restaurants and as well as order food on the app. It might increase the overall cost on a lighter note but it’s totally worth it. The rough estimate of the overall app development cost depends on the following key factors:

Size of the app:

The number of features and functionalities that goes into your app ultimately decides its size. It is recommended that budding entrepreneurs should not launch the full version of their app, instead they can get started with a Minimum Viable Product. It should have the basic features and functionalities to run your business. You can integrate more features in future updates as a step-by-step process. Launching an MVP can help to learn about the user behavior, demands, and response.

App’s interface:

One of the significant reasons behind the popularity of Foodpanda clone apps in the market is its user-friendly design and feature-rich interface. Focus on optimizing the user interface of your app since it is the first thing your users will notice. The UI/UX of your app will play its role in retaining customers and to offer a premium experience on the platform. Ensure that your development team uses advanced technological tools to design your platform and to get a competitive advantage over your rivals.

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Research your target market to learn more about your customers’ expectations and requirements. Based on the data acquired, you can decide the platform for which you would want to develop your Foodpanda clone app. It is important to remember that the cost of developing an iOS app will differ from that of an Android app. The mobile platform you choose will play a significant role in determining the overall app development cost.

Development team:

Developing a Foodpanda clone script is not an easy task. It takes brilliant minds to develop a fully-functional mobile app loaded with intuitive features and innovative functionalities. Integrating secure payment gateways will demand complete efforts from experienced and senior developers. Entrepreneurs can either hire developers from a professional app development company or completely outsource the project. Proper planning of all development phases will help to accomplish your goal within the estimated cost.

Key factors that you should consider to establish your business successfully in this niche:

Delivering customers’ favorite food to their doorsteps has become an easy task with the introduction of on-demand food delivery apps. These apps are a baboon for food addicts as they can try out a range of cuisines without having to leave their house. Since your platform will connect customers directly with restaurants, the users will have more options to choose from the menu.

Real-time order tracking:

The purpose of developing a Foodpanda clone app is to deliver food to their customers’ door conveniently. The users will also have the liberty to order food at any time of the day. The integration of GPS technologies makes it easier for customers to track their food orders in real time. The status of their order will be updated regularly in various stages.

Search option with filters:

Since your app will have multiple restaurants, integrating search options will make it easier for the customers to explore the services. It should also be loaded with filters for customers to search based on cuisine, area, ratings and reviews, and vegan/non-vegan preferences. Furthermore, search filters will help customers to get refined results based on the criterion set in the filters.

Minimalist user interface:

People prefer to get things done quickly and seamlessly. As they opt for food delivery apps to get their favorite food delivered, it would be best if entrepreneurs offer premium user experience on the app with an aesthetic layout. The app’s interface should be appropriately optimized for users to check out restaurants, menus, and make payments. The customers should be able to contact the delivery executives effortlessly if required. They should be asked to rate/review the services on the app for each order.

Focus on the payment gateway:

Ensure that your customers will have a plethora of payment options on your platform. They should be able to choose from net banking, credit/debit cards, UPI, Paypal, and cash on delivery (COD). Discuss with your app development team to integrate the latest encryption methods in your payment gateway to be on the safer side.

Tracking the past orders should be made possible:

The customers should be able to track their past orders on the platform any time. It can be helpful for them to get a fair idea regarding the menu offered by restaurants, prices, and for other purposes. This feature will also help restaurants to focus on what’s necessary and improve their services in terms of taste, quality, and preparation method.

Easy facilitation of offers and discounts:

No customer has ever said ‘No’ to discounts and offers from a service. They always prefer to save a great deal of money by applying coupon codes or by availing discounts. Entrepreneurs must not charge excessively on their Foodpanda clone app and the users will expect to be complemented with discounts. The restaurants will not face any losses even if the entrepreneur decides to provide offers for every food order. In reality, it establishes a win-win situation for the restaurants as it can be an effective way to boost their user engagement and sales. The customers should not face any hassles in calculating the offers or discounts and so these processes should be automated.

In a nutshell:

Do take into consideration that your app caters to the expectations of your target customers. Most importantly, your app should be free of bugs and glitches. Ensure that the testors and debuggers take care of it properly to offer a premium user experience. Discuss your business goals and needs with a professional clone app development company with years of creditable experience.