Everything To Know About Apostille Services In California

apostille services

Did you know that a simple mistake in the Apostille procedure can render your vital documents useless on the international stage?

It’s a shocking truth many will encounter when overlooking finer details. 

Do not let your documents become casualties of oversight.

Be prepared to delve into the crucial nuances of apostille services in California that could make or break your global endeavors. 

Let’s further discuss what apostille services are and the benefits you get from them.

What Is An Apostille

Apostille is a certificate that can authenticate the origin of a document.

If you want a document to be apostille, you must first ensure it is notarized by a certified notary public.

Once the notarization process of a document is complete, it can be then apostilled by the state where it was notarized.

After that, you can attach the apostille certificate, and the document will be identified as valid in countries where the Hague Convention is a part of them.

When Do You Require The Apostille Services

If you want to use a United States-based legal document in some other country, they might need your document to be apostilled before they go on to accept it. 

This is mostly used with documents like marriage certificates, divorce decrees, and birth certificates, but can be applied to other documents, too:

  • Powers of attorney – personal or commercial intent 
  • Affidavit 
  • Companies House documents 
  • Certificate of good standing 
  • Educational certificates that are used in the United States
  • Birth/Death certificates 
  • Acro/DBS certificates
  • HMRC certificates/ documents 
  • Pet Certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  • Statutory Declarations 
  • Certificates of no impediment 
  • Medical certificate

All these certificates are written above common documents that require to be apostilled. 

Apart from that, these services are also needed for documents that are used for international adoption.  

What Is The Apostille Process 

What you need to do first is contact a notary public and get your document notarized.

Once your document is notarized, then they shall also create the apostille to your document.

After that, you can use the document as normal in whatever country you visit that is part of The Hague COnvention.

How Much Apostille Costs

The cost can vary in the US by state and document type. You can expect to pay twenty to fifty dollars per document. 

Move Ahead With Apostille

Once you have the apostille, make sure it is stuck along the accompanying document when you go traveling or give it to the right authority. 

Apostilles are normally valid for some time from the first date of issuance, so do make sure it is valid before you decide to use it.

If you are looking for California apostille service, make sure you go to the best authority.


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An apostille is an internationally recognized certificate that can be utilized to authenticate public documents. 

It is issued daily across the world. 

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