Converting PDF to PDFA Online for Free Using PDF Bear

Converting PDF

If people want their documents or files to last for many years, they must upgrade them to a PDF/A using a converter tool with a PDF to PDF/A converter. It will help them achieve the things they want and remove features that are not suitable for long archiving, like font linking and encryption. With this user-friendly tool, users will be sure that their files will be adequately reproduced.

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PDFA Compliant File

PDFA is a modern and standardized Iso-version of portable documents with a file specializing in the long-term preservation of files and documents. PDFA is not similar to PDF because it prohibits many unsuitable features for archiving and keeping in a long-term process. Some examples are encryption and font linking.

PDF To PDF/A Converter

As years pass by, most of us collect documents to copy our essential and all of our electronic work. The documents that most people have will not look the same as the old or original as time goes by. To keep all of your files and documents in the same condition as the original one, users need to make copies of them through digital tools.

Users can use a PDF to PDFA converter so that they can convert files easily. However, if users want their documents to look the same as the old ones for how many years from now, they need to convert from PDF to PDFA. It is specially created to preserve and archive any digital documents. So, if users think that PDFA and PDF are the same, they are not.

If users are amazed at how this tool works, they have learned how to convert PDFs containing Optical Characters Software Recognition. OCR is software that will recognize text from a digital image and a scanned PDF document and make it a searchable and editable file. It will allow users to search the file and edit it inside the file.

Using PDFBear’s PDF To PDFA Converter

There were still conversion tools on the internet like the current tools that most users use nowadays during the old times. They need to purchase a particular type of software to convert their files. Some conversion tools are expensive, and it will take a lot of time to put or install them. But with the help of PDFBear, users can transfer or convert any files within a matter of minutes or less than a minute.

PDFBear can work like any other converter tool available online, but this tool is faster, better, and easier. Users will only need to follow the simple and easy steps to complete PDF conversion to PDFA. They can do it on the road, at the office, or even at home. This tool also supports all operating browsers and systems like BSD, Mac, Windows, and Unix-like.

The easiest step to convert PDF to PDFA is to select a file that you want to convert, then drop and drag them into the conversion area for its conversion process. Then, users must wait for the file to be uploaded fully. After that, they must also wait for the process to be finished to download their new PDF file. Lastly, they can now save it to any device.

Steps in Unlocking Unlimited PDF To PDFA Conversion With The Help Of PDFBear Pro Membership

As I have mentioned above, the PDFBears converter will work with its other software, and it won’t be too expensive for every user who wants to use it. They will be surprised if they will know that this tool will be free. They don’t need to pay any amount in using this tool, but they can only use it with a few tries and times within the day.

If users need to convert many PDF files, they must subscribe to the PRO membership of PDFBear, and it will only cost them 5.99 dollars a month and 59.99 dollars annually. They can now become a part of the Pro community of PDFBear for a minimal account. They will also have a lot of special privileges and benefits.


When looking for the best tool for their conversion process, especially for converting files to PDFA for free, PDFBear is the best tool in the market.I t will give users many benefits if they pay for the membership for a low price. This tool will convert, transfer, merge all the files in less than a minute. They don’t need to worry about anything because it will give them the best quality, even up to 100 years.