What Are the Key Factors for Choosing the Right Yacht Charter in Croatia?

Yacht Croatia

Sea travel has its own excitement, and if you plan to spend your holidays sailing to the Croatian coast, you must first pick the right boat that will satisfy all your requirements. Selecting one of the best yacht charters in Croatia is an exciting process.

We have shared some tips to help you find the right yacht charter to enjoy your holiday with your family or friends in perfect luxury.

  1. What Type of Hull Does the Yacht Have?

The type of hull of your yacht has an important bearing on its speed, fuel cost, stability and the comfort it provides. There are three types of hulls you will find in a yacht: full displacement, semi-displacement and planning.

In a full displacement hull, the water displacement by the yacht is equal to its weight, and it pushes through the waves as it sits low in the water. This type of hull offers you the most stable and smooth ride.

In a semi-displacement type of hull, the bow’s drag is lesser than the full displacement hull. A yacht with a semi-displacement hull is faster than a full displacement yacht, but it is also less stable.

The planning yacht skims over the wave, which allows it to attain incredible speed. However, if you want a comfortable ride, you should avoid this type of yacht.

  1. The Draft of the Yacht

When looking for yacht charters in Croatia, you should look at the boat’s draft. If you plan to sail over shallow cruising grounds, you will need a shallow draft yacht; otherwise, your boat may run aground.

  1. The Layout of the Cabin in the Boat

Look at the plans of the yacht you want to charter to find out where the cabins and various communal spaces are located. Check out the size of the beds, number of toilets and so on. When looking for the cabin layout, check whether there are adequate sleeping spaces for the whole group travelling with you. Always look at the deck size, where you will spend most of your time with your family or friends, to see whether it has adequate seating arrangements and proper shade.

  1. Amenities and Crew Members of the Yacht

To enjoy a comfortable ride on a premium yacht, you should find out the kinds of amenities the boat has. For example, most premium yachts have Wi-Fi capabilities, water sports equipment, or even an outdoor screen to enjoy movies under the star-lit sky. 

You must also check the experience of the captain of the ship and the crew members. The experience of the captain and the crew is significant, as a highly professional crew will make your journey on the yacht more pleasant and convenient.

You may be thinking that it is too much information to digest. However, knowing these basic factors will help you to find one of the best yacht charters in Croatia. However, if you still need some expert advice, you can hire the services of a reputable broker. The broker can help you find the ideal yacht that fits your requirement and is within your budget.