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Can You Wear Stockings in Summer?

No matter how little they use them, stockings are the garment that every woman has in her closet. As a general rule, these are always relegated to the autumn and winter looks, and a part of the spring in its most colorful version. But the truth is that they do not seek to be the recurring piece. Instead, they want to position themselves as a favorite in all seasons – including summers too. 


Not only do they add an extra touch to the worn look, but also, your are stylized as they are mostly shown in your short summer attires. Additionally, they protect you against burns and tanning, as the sun does not affect your legs.

But Which to Choose? 

In summer you should wear another class of tights since those used in the coldest stages of the year would not be worth it. This is because they do not contain the same fibers or the thickness that the legs need at all times. What all the stockings do have in common is that they stylize and keep the limbs collected – favoring the movement.

When choosing the socks to use in summer, it is advisable to select ones with a neutral tone. Avoid too light or too dark; as a result, it would be somewhat disastrous. Transparent Fiore stockings are the best, as they adapt to the skin tone itself. 

Reserved the colors for a night look, as during the day, they would tend to give more heat. Never choose ones with a glossy finish, since in summer you should hide that you are wearing stockings. Best for summer are those that come with a matte touch because they give a feeling of a second skin -as long as the quality is right. It is also essential to make sure that the socks that are chosen have an anti-breakage system or that at least they do not leave a mark when they break. On the other hand, do not wear socks if you are going to wear sandals or any shoe that leaves your fingers in the air.

Check Out The Deniers

The deniers are the ones used to classify the thickness model that each of the socks has. The higher the number of deniers, the denser and closed the effect it has. Therefore, for summer, it is advisable to use socks with low deniers like Jonathan Aston stockings and reserve the others for winter.

The type of socks that best combines with the summer is the one that has lighter aesthetic and less fabric. This translates into greater transparency, which represents a significant advantage in hot weather.