Before Purchasing Redgum Firewood Near You Learn the Things You Need to Know

Before Purchasing Redgum Firewood

Since time immemorial, firewood has been a major source of heat & fire. People used to cook food for their families with the help of firewood. Now, people have moved towards clean sources of fuel and heat (electricity). Redgum is majorly used for furniture making & construction purposes like fencing, flooring, etc. The wood is durable & dense, which makes it suitable for strong applications.

The old-fashion is still rewarded, which underlines the significance of firewood, especially in Australia. Redgum firewood has essential burning properties that result in long-lasting fire. Apart from these wonderful elements, redgum deliver other features which make it useful for being firewood. 

➤Available Heat

The wood is pretty thick, which catches fire quickly, and the burning stays for long. One can only get the best firewood result in less humid weather. Make your winters snugly with the tremendous heat of redgum. 

Ignition Quality

Igniting the wood can be the frustrating part. It’s easy to ignite redgum as rich in sap (also known as sap or sweet gum) in contrast to other high-density woods. Use the wood for the bonfire party to deliver sharp heat & light through fire. 

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➤Density Value

In comparison to light-weight woods, denser woods burn faster & longer. This is the primary reason for making high-density wood great for firewood applications. Per unit volume of wood’s dry weight is measured to calculate density. The redgum has 1200 kg/m3 unseasoned density, whereas radiata pine has 800 kg/m3 unseasoned. Redgum has 1000 kg/m3 seasoned density, while the other wood has 550 kg/m3 seasoned density. In short, redgum is two-thirds denser than radiata pine. 

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Note:  Seasoned firewood has no moisture content while on the contrary unseasoned firewood contain water content which makes difficult to burn.

➤Split Capability

The hardness of the wood not necessarily mean that it’s hard to split. The amazing part of redgum is that it breaks easily into many pieces. The wood has straight grains & small knots, which make it feasible to cut or split. However, it might be difficult to split unseasoned redgum. 

➤Clean Fuel 

Consumers and brands are becoming serious about environmental pollution. Many sustainable brands are taking a big share in the market with a powerful demand. People are more inclined towards redgum due to less emission of smoke. The wood does not produce much ash. In fact, very easy to clean after usage. 

Clean Energy 

 Free to find redgum firewood near you as it’s a part of a renewable energy source that doesn’t emit dangerous pollutants. 

Always look for the well-seasoned redgum for enjoying a pleasing firewood experience!

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