Ashton Cigars: History, Types, and What to Buy Online

Ashton cigars are handcrafted cigars from the Dominican Republic that almost all smokers want to try at least once in their life. Apart from reputed stores, you can buy Ashton Cigars online at a discounted price. 

Go through a smoker’s wish list, and you will find Ashton cigars in it. Since 1985, the brand has been producing amazing cigars with the finest aged tobaccos. There are countless smokers around the world who like the brand due to its commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Ashton cigars are perfect products when you expect a smoke that offers a blend of invigorating flavors and high-quality tobacco. The brand has housed experienced people from the cigar world who carefully select tobacco leaves to develop cigars that offer a divinely smooth smoke. In addition to the finest aged tobaccos, Ashton cigars come with quality wrappers in a neatly-packed box. 

History of Ashton Cigars

It all began in the mid-1980s when tobacconist Robert Levin and a Dominican tobacco manufacturer, the Fuente family, partnered to produce quality cigars. 

During Levin’s initial years in the industry, he worked as an importer. He had a keen interest in the field. It encouraged him to collect insightful information around the tobacco industry. When he had sufficient knowledge about the field, he decided to begin producing his own cigars. This made him come in contact with the Fuente family, a renowned tobacco manufacturer of that time from Dominica. 

The Fuente family offered its top-quality tobacco, while Levin used his marketing experience to produce some delicious products for smokers around the world. 

In 1985, Ashton began with cigars in six sizes. They were Corona, 8-9-8, Churchill, Prime Minister, Panatela, and Sovereign. Although these six sizes are a significant part of the company’s portfolio even today, it also introduced many other sizes since 1985. They include Belicoso, Toro, Cigarillo, Corona Gorda, Double Corona, Lonsdale, Perfecto, Robusto, and Pyramid. 

Types of Ashton Cigars

There are multiple sub-categories of Ashton cigars which include different types of products for smokers. 

  • Ashton Aged Maduro

These are handcrafted cigars made at the brand’s Chateau de la Fuente factory, which is located in the Dominican Republic. From the Cigar Aficionado to smokers, Ashton Aged Maduro cigars are top-rated products from Ashton. These cigars are known for their impeccable taste, thanks to aged Dominican tobacco used in them. 

  • Ashton Classic Cigars

Living true to their names, these are carefully-crafted cigars that contain a delicious blend of finest Dominican tobaccos and a detailed process of creation. Apart from that, these products come with high-quality wrapper. They can be smoked for a divinely smooth smoke.

  • Ashton Cabinet Cigars

Smokers who wish to experience a medium to full-bodied smoke can go for Ashton Cabinets. Popularly known as the White Burgundy, these are stronger products than Ashton Classic cigars. A significant feature of these cigars that makes them different from others is the tobacco. Cabinet cigars have different tobaccos, which are quality ingredients with a rich taste. Apart from that, these are products with quality Connecticut-shade wrapper. 

  • Ashton VSG Cigars

Also called Ashton Virgin Sun Grown cigars, these are top-quality cigar sticks by Ashton that are popular among smokers worldwide for their aged Dominican long fillers. The product comes with reddish-brown leaf wrapper grown in Ecuador. 


Ashton cigars are famous among Cigar Aficionado and cigar enthusiasts from different parts of the world. You can purchase them from a local cigar store or go with an option to buy Ashton Cigars online. Before ordering a box of Ashton cigars, understand the product. If you are looking for Ashton Cigars at a discounted price, then Gotham Cigars is your source!