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An Overview of Cellucor C4 Original

Cellucor C4 Original

Have you heard about Cellucor C4 Original? It’s among the most purchased pre-workout supplements by workout enthusiasts. 

The product has undergone multiple alterations to its formula since 2011 when it was first created. All of these formula changes were made to improve its effects and reduce the development of side effects. 

The uses of Cellucor C4 Original are various, such as providing strength, endurance, mental alertness, and long-lasting energy. Prior to consuming this product, potential users are recommended to get to know its key ingredients and taste and learn more about its safety, approval, and dosage. 

C4 Original supports the exercise and training goals of individuals with the blend of powerful ingredients, helping gym-goers get the most out of their workouts. 

The following overview of Cellucor C4 Original provides valuable information to potential users. 

Key ingredients

Although Cellucor C4 Original has a long list of ingredients, there is a handful of key ingredients that should be considered to understand the effects of this popular pre-workout supplement. Some of the essential ingredients include beta-alanine, l-arginine, creatine nitrate, vitamin C, and caffeine. Let’s take the most active ingredient as an example, beta-alanine. 

Beta-alanine is touted for its benefits concerning muscle endurance, as it does its best to enhance it. When this ingredient is ingested, it turns into a molecule called carnosine, acting as an acid buffer in the human body. Its job is to block the production of lactic acid that enables users to feel less fatigued during their regular workouts. Learn more about lactic acid and where it comes from. It also provides lean muscle growth and fat loss but to a lesser extent. 

Another key ingredient used in Cellucor C4 Original is l-arginine, which converts into nitric oxide once it enters the body. It promotes not just metabolic but also certain brain functions. Individuals benefit from its role in workouts, as nitric oxide stimulates blood vessels to open wider and boost the flow of blood. It also encourages the release of the growth hormone and insulin. 

Another remarkably active ingredient in Cellucor C4 Original is creatine nitrate. This creatine-nitrate hybrid is considered beneficial because of its incredible performance-enhancing effects. Its function is to boost energy while keeping fatigue minimal. 

Another aspect in which creatine nitrate shines is muscle gain, as it helps with muscle contractions. This miraculous ingredient offers explosive energy for intense exercise sessions by providing fuel to ATP. If you haven’t heard about the term ATP, it describes the high-energy molecules used by the muscles in the course of workouts. 

Vitamin C is a key nutrient included in the ingredient list of Cellucor C4 Original, keeping the bones healthy. It’s of vital importance for helping the bones heal after sustaining an injury. Vitamin C is what makes the bones stronger and improves their overall resilience. 

Caffeine isn’t a novel ingredient in pre-workout supplements, as it’s included in almost every supplement designed for pre-workouts. Long-lasting energy and mental alertness are just some of the effects caffeine has on enhancing workouts. Nevertheless, if overused, it has a negative effect on sleep and anxiety. Fortunately, the caffeine amount in Cellucor C4 Original isn’t high enough to induce such effects. 


Another aspect worth including in this overview of Cellucor C4 Original is the taste of this pre-workout supplement. It’s available in an array of flavors, including watermelon, strawberry margarita, fruit punch, pink lemonade, and orange burst. Many individuals actually prefer this pre-workout because of the selection of eight flavors, all of which are tasty. 

Once you mix the powder with water, it acquires a specific color, depending on the flavor. In most cases, the color is pink. The taste is fresh and not overpowering, making hydration easier. The crucial benefit regarding taste is the absence of an aftertaste, which is common in most pre-workouts. Most such products have a metallic aftertaste that users aren’t really fond of. Cellucor C4 Original, however, lacks an aftertaste altogether. 

In view of mixability, Cellucor C4 Original is a relatively mixable product. There are various Cellucor C4 Original product reviews online, such as, discussing its pros and cons. When mixing one scoop of the powder with 200 ml of water, there is almost no powder left in the bottom of the container. The same happens even when adding one and a half/ two scoops to the same water amount. 

Is it approved by the FDA?

Many potential users are curious to discover whether this product has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agency. This organization is responsible for deciding whether a particular food, supplement, drug, or cosmetic product is safe to be consumed by the public. It’s their responsibility to decide whether a certain beverage, snack or supplement has the green light to have commercials and make health claims. 

Consequently, many pre-workout supplements, like Cellucor C4 Original, aren’t FDA approved despite their growing popularity. For instance, C4 Original boasts multiple safety certifications, which prove it’s safe for consumption. Nevertheless, the FDA tends to avoid any liability related to the consumption of such supplements. The number of documents that companies need to provide to prove their supplement is safe is numerous and terribly expensive. 

In addition, companies applying for FDA approval might find this impractical, given the formulations undergo changes each year. The Food and Drug Administration agency makes adjustments to their ingredient ban list on an annual basis, meaning products last considered safe can change their status to unsafe in just a year. 

Is it safe? 

Another aspect that prospective users are worried about is the safety of the product. Although Cellucor C4 Original is classified as safe, there are certain precautions to take into consideration related to your body condition. For instance, pre-workout supplements, in general, aren’t supposed to be consumed by pregnant women, people taking certain prescription drugs, or those having health conditions that make stimulant consumption harmful. 

Furthermore, in case you are allergic to any of the ingredients, make sure to avoid this pre-workout. The supplement is safe only if the serving suggestions are followed. Nevertheless, you can always see your doctor and consult him/her about product safety.  

How to take it?

Cellucor C4 Original is available in different tub sizes, containing at least thirty to a maximum of sixty servings. Irrespective of which tub size you choose, you should adhere to the suggested use directions put on the label, saying that users should consume only a single daily serving mixed with water, whose amount doesn’t exceed 200 ml. This should be done thirty minutes prior to exercising. 

Moreover, the label also contains a warning, advising users against exceeding the recommended daily dose. Additionally, given the content of caffeine used in Cellucor C4 Original, this pre-workout shouldn’t be taken near the time you plan to get some sleep. It’s of tremendous importance to read the product label since the suggested use directions might differ across various product versions. 

Additional considerations

There are some additional considerations to bear in mind when starting to consume a new pre-workout supplement. Therefore, it’s a wise idea to take a trip to the doctor and spare time to read the entire label. Every potential user of pre-workout supplements should be aware that these products don’t replace a balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. 

These supplements can just aid your health and fitness journey but perform no magic without investing any effort. There are three main guidelines to follow to increase the effectiveness of supplements, such as having a healthy diet, sticking to a well-designed exercise plan, and getting quality sleep. Make sure to eat healthily, exercise regularly, and sleep sufficiently. There is no better way to achieve the desired results. 

To sum up

If still in doubt what pre-workout supplement to use, why not try Cellucor C4 Original?

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