A Short Guide to Bubble Wrap as Protective Packaging Material

Packaging Material

If you are in the business of sending your products to customers all over the world or planning to move to a new house, you would be needing versatile packaging materials. Strong and robust packaging materials will make sure that the goods and products are secure and protected against any impacts during the shipping process.

High quality protective packaging is of prime importance owing to the following reasons:

  • Protective packaging ensures the safety of the cargo during transit
  • Without appropriate protective packing, the product might get damaged
  • Damaged products will bring the damage liability of the product on the packers and manufacturers alike
  • Proper packing not only creates a good and professional impression of the company but also helps avoid potential losses due to damaged products
  • The reputation of the brand becomes at stake for a negligent packing and lose the trust factor of customers

Bubble wrap rolls are going to be your best ally in this packaging war. These air-filled bubbles provide excellent protection, prevent scratches and breaking, can withstand any undesirable shocks and bumps during transit, and will deliver your goods safely and intact. The intelligent design of bubble wrap packing makes it an indispensable force in the world of packing and shipping. Air filled bubble packing is so effective that it is used in almost every industry that you can think of.

Owing to its multiple and diverse uses, bubble wrap is available in different shapes and sizes depending on the utility and industry. This versatile packing material can be purchased in various forms and shapes such as bags, sheets and wrap rolls. Some of the common variants are:

Small Bubbles Wrap: Comes with small air-filled bubbles

Large Bubbles Wrap: Comes with large air-filled bubbles

Bubble Wrap Bags: Handy pouches for packing smaller objects and items

Anti-static: Exclusively made for ESD (Electro-static Discharge) sensitive items

Self-Adhesive: Used for delicate and sensitive items, leaves no residue

Excellent Safety and Protection

Bubble wrap is manufactured by sealing two layers of plastic in an intelligent design through which plenty of air is trapped in the middle to form a pattern of bubbles. These evenly distributed air-filled bubbles offer excellent protection against shocks & bumps. It effectively protects the item from damage in case it accidentally falls and hits the floor. In fact, bubble wrap packing is so effective that large air-filled bubble roll is double, or triple layered to secure large consignments as well.  All in all, bubble wrap is an excellent protective packaging material that can ensure the safety of your delicate and sensitive items and objects.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Bubble wrap packing is extremely convenient, simple, and easy to use. All you need to do is, wrap it around the object or item you want to secure and then just tape it firmly. This versatile and intelligent packaging material can be used to wrap around any oddly-shaped product to protect it from damage. The best part is that bubble wrap packing comes in various forms (sheets, bags, envelopes) and sizes (large air bubbles, small air bubbles). You can easily pick the type of bubble wrap packing that is best suited for your packaging needs and requirements.

Cost Effective and Eco Friendly

This is one the most cost effective and economical packaging materials out there in the market. Bubble wrap material is the most lightweight packing product, its entire composition is just air with 2 thin layers of plastic. Being lightweight helps shipping and transportation companies in potential cost savings, especially when transporting in bulk. Another very important factor that adds to the demand and popularity is its reusability. Unlike other packing materials, bubble wrap can be reused an infinite number of times, till there is air inside those bubbles. With technological advancements, most of the bubble wrap used today is biodegradable and environment friendly as well. Hence it helps in not adding on to the carbon footprint on our beautiful planet.