8 of the Best Festivals in Copenhagen


Copenhagen, Denmark is a beautiful city full of rich history, diverse culture, and plenty of festivities. In some ways due to its viking histories, and in other ways due to its location, Copenhagen is a hot spot for festivities. Whether you are looking to participate in Copenhagen’s active electronic music scene, want to experience beer and food, to see some of the world’s newest fashion, or to look at beautiful lights, Copenhagen has a festival for you. So book your trip to, or through Copenhagen, find Copenhagen luggage storage to leave your bags behind, and experience any number of Copenhagen’s amazing festivals. 

  1. Copenhagen Light Festival

The Copenhagen Light Festival is a great festival for anyone to attend. Whether you are visiting alone, with your partner, or with your family, the Copenhagen Light Festival has plenty for everyone. 

With Denmark being such a northern country, it experiences a lot of low light during the  winter months, especially in February when the light festival is held. This month-long event displays works of glowing electronic art throughout the city, ranging from buildings, to squares, to even the canals. If you are looking to travel to Copenhagen during a particularly affordable time to travel, and want to experience an amazing festival of art, consider attending the Copenhagen Light Festival. 

2. Copenhagen Beer Festival

To go to Copenhagen without trying a local craft brew is a shame in itself, so why not plan an entire trip to Copenhagen based on trying different beers? Denmark, and Copenhagen specifically is a hot spot for breweries, and the Copenhagen Beer Festival is a great opportunity to experience this scene in full. 

The Copenhagen Beer Festival allows attendees to taste hundreds of beers from across the country of Denmark, as well as experience food pairings, learn from the brewers, and even attend expert panels on brewing. 

Planning a good chunk of time around this festival as recommended to preserve both the palette, and the stomach. 

3. Distortion Festival

While boasting of festivals of lights, of food, and of drink, Copenhagen has a plethora of music festivals. One of the most notable music festivals in Copenhagen is Distortion Festival. Held in the first week of June, Distortion Festival includes a number of musical acts, ranging from electronica, to rock. This festival takes over the streets of Copenhagen, and is a public event, meaning that you can simply wander the city in search of the music that calls you most. 

4. Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week is held twice a year, and is a full week dedicated to new and evolving fashion. If you are part of the industry, or are excited by fashion, this is a must attend. And even if fashion is not your primary focus, this festival is a fantastic opportunity to be introduced to the fashion process, to new styles, new sustainable options, and exciting pockets of culture. 

5. Copenhagen Photo Festival

The Copenhagen Photo Festival is yet another artistic installment within this art-centric city. Full of experimental options, famous and not-yet-famous artists, and deep dives into sustainable art, the Copenhagen Photo Festival is an astounding event to attend and be a part of. This event occurs during the summer, and is a great place to experience culture, food, and art in an honest and moving way. 

6. Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Like we said earlier, there is no shortage of music in Copenhagen, and the Copenhagen Jazz Festival is no miss. A plethora of jazz legends have played Copenhagen’s Jazz Festival, with names like Miles Davis joining the ranks. If you attend this festival, you will find over 100 locations throughout the city with jazz artists of every nature. Attend panels, attend shows, better your own musicianship, or simply enjoy the musical talent present at this event. 

7. Copenhell

If jazz isn’t your type of music, and you’re more of a scream and mosh kind of person, then you need to attend Copenhell. This is a heavy metal festival full of famous metal bands, local groups, and up-and-coming openers. It is an open-air festival complete with beer, bravado, and a whole lot of wild fun. 

8. Aarhus Festival

The Aarhus Festival is a great festival to attend if you are bringing your family. This is a ten-day festival full of Danish cultural activities. With arts, theatrics, and histories, there is no lack of diversity in engagement. Especially if you want to become familiar with Danish culture, and to really discover the backbone of Copenhagen’s society, the Aarhus Festival is a perfect event to attend.