8 Eco-friendly Alternatives to Your Everyday Items

eco-friendly alternatives

While climate change and a polluted environment are alarming issues, it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to reduce the waste we produce. It’s commonly known that not everything can be recycled. One step at a time, we can change our lifestyles to help minimize this growing problem. What can we do?

We should try to replace our everyday items with reusable eco friendly products. Besides helping the environment, eco-friendly items save money in the long run. Don’t believe us. Go green, and try the eco-friendly, low waste life yourself! Here’s what you can do: 

1. Get reusable water bottles

There’s a huge amount of plastic water bottles piling up in our rivers and oceans. It’s one of the biggest problems we’re facing. Garbage doesn’t only look horrible in our waters; it also harms the living marine life in them. So, it’s high time we stopped using single-use water bottles. 

As we consume water and other drinks daily, the best solution is to purchase a reusable water bottle. Luckily, people and manufacturers are aware of this issue, and therefore, we have a wide range of reusable water bottles to choose from. From durable recyclable plastic to glass, a vast number of reusable bottles with interesting designs exist.  Pick the one that suits you the most, and enjoy preserving the environment. 

2. Fabric napkins are a lifesaver

People deal with spillage almost every day, especially if they live with young children. Soup, water juice, and other liquids get spilled quite easily. It’s pretty wasteful to use a roll of paper or paper napkins each time an accident happens. So, consider switching to fabric napkins.

Fabric napkins are an ideal replacement for paper towels and regular paper napkins, as they can be used several times, washed, and used again. They usually last up to a couple of years before the replacement is needed. In addition to that, they are quite affordable! Try them out and check out your household budget at the end of the year.

3. Avoid using liquid soap

A lot of households use liquid soap as it’s affordable and convenient. However, not many people are aware or care that this type of soap only contributes to Earth pollution. It contains plastic that is rarely recycled. However, many people are not aware that they can opt for an eco-friendlier solution.

Instead of buying plastic containers with liquid soap, opt for a lovely bar of soap that goes a long way. Soap bars don’t pollute the environment and are a cheaper option. If you’re not a fan of bars of soap, consider investing in the reusable liquid soap dispenser. Clean it after every use and fill it up again with liquid soap. Even though this is not an ideal option, it’s a step towards improvement.

4. Use rechargeable batteries

It’s commonly known that batteries are horrible for our environment. They contain a lot of harmful materials and liquids that can only damage the ecosystem. However, most devices we use daily need batteries to work. Once they’re used-up throwing them in the garbage can is the only option for many.

So, using single-use batteries should stop. Try to find eco-friendlier alternatives. For example, you can get rechargeable batteries for your gadgets. They are better for the environment, last longer, and can be recharged once empty. The ideal solution for those with many gadgets that require batteries. Once they’re completely worn out, consider taking them to your local electronics store as many of them recycle batteries.

5. Put an end to the plastic bag use 

We throw away trash daily. Every household produces large amounts of garbage daily. Whether it’s the food scraps, chemicals, paper, or something else, most people use plastic trash bags to carry out their garbage. Instead of adding additional garbage to your garbage, consider using biodegradable trash bags.

Similarly, use plastic bags for shopping daily, only to throw them away. Plastic bags can’t be recycled. So, consider replacing them with reusable grocery bags. You can have a separate one for your fruits and veggies and one for other items. They are usually made of washable cloth so cleaning them is easy. Shopping is simpler and less wasteful if you use your own bags.

6. Make natural cleaning items

Everyone likes to have a clean and tidy house. That’s why most people use expensive chemicals to eliminate the stains, bacteria, and dirt from their houses. However, not many people are aware that these chemicals can be extremely harmful to the environment and the household, especially the kids and pets living there. Maybe it’s the time for the change.

Instead of spending large amounts of money on cleaning products and chemicals, consider using an eco-friendlier alternative. Use natural cleaning product recipes to make homemade cleaning products that are safe to use. All you need is vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils to clean your house in an eco-conscious manner. 

7. Swap your car for an e-bike

Traffic is one of the biggest air and noise polluters in every city. People drive cars daily, without thinking about how much they affect the environment and their surroundings. However, sometimes cars aren’t a luxury but a necessity we need to get from one place to another. On the other hand, there are eco-friendlier ways of commuting around the city. What can you do?

It’s a fact that not everyone is a fan of public transportation. So, you need to explore other options of commuting without polluting the air. That’s why electric bikes are an ideal solution. It’s not a coincidence they are getting more and more popular each year. They come with durable batteries that can help you more conveniently ride uphill. However, they still ride like normal bikes which provides you with physical activity during the day.  

8. Use homemade skincare products

A skincare routine should be one of the most important parts of your day if you want to have healthy and glowing skin. However, most people don’t know the store-bought skincare products contain harmful chemicals or are tested on animals which doesn’t make them environmentally friendly.

If you want to opt for a safer and better solution, use vegan products or make your own. Search for homemade skincare product recipes and use natural ingredients to create products that will result in the glowing skin you love and deserve. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various ingredients and check out what’s the best for your skin type. 


If every human on the Earth decided to live an eco-friendlier life, our planet will be healthier and a better place for life. You don’t have to drastically change your lifestyle to support ecology. Just opt for eco-conscious solutions and items and start your journey from that point. Try it out, it’s easier than it seems.

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