7 Must-Have Accessories to Take Your Vaping Experience Up a Notch


Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia. As the capital of Queensland state, Brisbane is also blessed with 280 days of sun. Suppose Sydney is known for being a global city and Melbourne for being the centre of culture. In that case, Brisbane is known for its youthful enthusiasm and showcases the local culture of Australia. In terms of demographics, Brisbane has the youngest median age among the three top Australian cities.

Because Brisbane is a young city, its residents are more inclined to adopt a healthier lifestyle, including seeking alternative options for drinking and smoking. One such alternative is going to a vape store in Brisbane and purchasing a vape kit. Statistics show that 64% of Australian smokers belonging to the 18-24 age group have tried to use vapes instead of conventional tobacco cigarettes.

Vape Accessories that You Must Have Always

The number of vape users in Brisbane is increasing. If you use vape regularly, then there are accessories that you must have to give you a more pleasing vaping experience.

Microfiber Cloths. When you vape, vape juices may leave residue on the drip tip or orifice. Likewise, the sweeteners contained in some vape flavours may caramelise on your atomising coil, creating a burnt taste flavour. Likewise, the last juice flavour may still linger even after you have changed juices already. Disassembling and wiping the different parts of your e-cigarette regularly with a microfiber cloth will guarantee fresh flavours every time you change flavours. 

Portable USB Charger. The coil will consume a lot of battery power as it converts your juice into vapour. It is, therefore, necessary to carry a portable USB charger with you in case your battery runs out. Another option is to purchase a car charger to charge your unit even while you are driving.

Silicone Mat. As mentioned earlier, you need to take apart your device regularly for cleaning. However, you will need to keep all the components of your device organised to reassemble it easier. A silicone mat has a sticky surface that will prevent individual parts from rolling off and getting lost. Likewise, you can use the silicone mat on your car’s dashboard to keep your vaping device in place.

Extra Batteries. Even if you are careful with the recharging process, your rechargeable batteries will eventually run out of battery life. Having extra batteries on hand will allow you to have an uninterrupted day of vaping. You can save money by purchasing extra batteries in bulk from any online vape store in Brisbane.

Tool Kits. A good quality coil building kit will give you the satisfaction of creating your coils. This tool kit will come with every tool that you need to customise your coils and repair your vape device.

Unicorn Bottle. If you are the type of vape that likes to try different juices during the day, then carrying several large bottles of juice with you may be cumbersome. Unicorn bottles are small plastic bottles that can carry up to 50 ml of your favourite vape juice. The thin nozzle of this bottle is ideal for filling up your unit’s juice tank.

Vape Carry Case. If you travel a lot, you need to have a carry case for your vaping device and accessories. While you can use a toiletry carry case for this purpose, it may not allow you for proper organisation. There are vape stores in Brisbane that sell carry cases, or you may have one specially made for you.

The above list of accessories will help take your vaping experience to the next level.

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