7 Innovative Gift Shadow Boxes? Sports Shadow Boxes

Sports Shadow Boxes

One of the significant packaging materials is the shadow boxes. A shadow box is an enclosed display-case that is used to protect the objects behind glass. The purpose of a shadow box is to display the objects having personal or artistic value. people are using these shadow boxes for years to preserve objects having historical or artistic value. Sports boxes protect the objects from heat, UV, damage, and moisture. A variety of shadow boxes is available ranging from sports shadow boxes to the ones having books, jewelry, and surgical instruments.

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Innovative gift shadow boxes

These shadow boxes are widely used as the perfect gift items for several occasions. Some of the ideas for converting these shadow boxes into perfect gift are:

1- Picture

One of the best things that can be added to these shadow boxes are the pictures. Pictures are usually referred to as the preserved memories and for this reason, you can easily make them part of your shadow box collection. A picture collection shadow box can refresh the memories of special events or days. Thus, you can simply take a few pictures and place them on some classy background consisting of burlaps, patterned paper or ribbons, etc. Then, you can choose the pictures that remind you of some special event or memory and pin them in the background. Further, you can also add some souvenirs to add to the top.

2- Recipes

Another meaningful thing to include in the shadow boxes are some family recipes. Many families have some specific meal that every member enjoys. So, a collection of these favorite recipes in a shadow box can make a perfect gift item for someone who lives away from the home. You can include the favorite recipes of that person. Besides this, you can present these recipes in the honor of some loved one. This not only brings back the memories of those large family dinners but also can preserve the recipes by passing them down through generations. Thus, adding recipes in the shadow box is another good idea to make a perfect gift item.

3- Medals

Finding your old medals can make anyone feel nostalgic about their achievements. Thus, you can include these medals s and awards in a shadow box to remind someone of their accomplishments. This not makes a wonderful gift item but also helps saves these souvenirs from getting lost.

4- Flowers

Flowers are all-time favorite gift items for many people. So, if you are planning to add a touch of greenery to your shadow box, flowers are one of the best options. You can place dried flowers and planted succulents to add a unique touch to your shadow box. These flower shadow boxes make the perfect gift items for someone who loves nature. These flower shadow boxes are suitable for various occasions such as wedding flower memories or for the people who buy their new homes.

5- Shoes/clothes

Another idea for a perfect shadow box gift is adding the shoes or clothes into them. Baby shoes and clothes can be put into these boxes to secure the baby stuff that you no longer use. Then, you can gift these shadow boxes to your child after they grow up. This is one of the easiest methods to make an easy shadow box.

6- Tickets/podcasts

This is one of the most favorite gift times for travelers. After returning from a trip you can assemble all the tickets and podcasts you collect on your way. This will surely remind the person about the good times they had while traveling.

7- Sport shadow boxes

Another shadow gift item are the sport shadow boxes. In these, you can add the batches and jerseys of their favorite team players. These sports shadow boxes are in huge demand due to being the best gift option.


All these ideas can help to make custom shadow boxes at home. These boxes not only enhance the visual appeal of the products inside and keeps them secure as well. The choice of custom show boxes materials is the first step. However, if you are looking for a wide variety of packaging materials, you rely on RSF Packaging.

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