6 Upcoming Binge Worthy Netflix Series to Spice Up your Couch in 2021

Netflix Series

The gloomy days of the global lock-down and the adversities of the second wave of Covid-19 have brought devastating impacts on most of our minds. Especially, the outgoing youngsters are now sitting back at home and contemplating the dire consequences of the catastrophe. Well, this is exactly what they shouldn’t do. Surrendering to any form of anxiety and developing a negative outlook towards life will only add up to their stress levels. Damien Wills, an associate responsible for designing and developing CSE citation generator, and Covid survivor, talks about the criticalities of mental stress and the importance of acquiring a peaceful mind. 

In an interview, he says, “When I was struggling through the phase of complete home isolation for a straight 14 days, believe me, it was painful. Not that I was subjected to acute physical pain, but the very feeling of being locked inside a room, away from friends and family was itself painful. My doctor came up with an amazing remedy, I must say. 

He had suggested signing up for this platform, Netflix, and browse through a couple of my favourite picks that are easily available here. From watching the World War documentary to binge-watching a couple of web series, I did it all. 

And, believe me, those 14 days were probably the best days of my life. I was simply leaning back, using Netflix, and killing the odds of monotony and depression, like a boss. That was quite a therapy for me.”

So, if we consider such instances and real-life case studies, then it seems that watching Netflix can actually help you stay distracted from the negative aspects of life. Especially, if we talk about the exciting new series that are about to rule your computer and mobile screens, things will simply get all the more exciting in every aspect. 

So, get the popcorns, sit back on the couch and indulge in a binge-watching spree with these six amazingly exciting Netflix series that are about to roll soon. 

Here you go! 

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender Live Action Series 

The Avatar Live Action Series is going to be something. Mark my word! We were already fascinated by the previous franchisees of Avatar, and now things seem to get even better with live-action add-ons. 

Excited much? Keep checking this space to gain insights into its release date. 

  1. 1899 

Have you watched the much-talked-about series, Dark? Then 1899 is likely to be your pick. From the makers of the German series, Dark, 1899 promises you of showcasing historic horrors, mind-twisting plots and more. You can expect the series to get released at the end of this year or in 2022. 

  1. Agent King 

Have you ever imagined the legendary Elvis Presley as a secret government spy? Well, things are about to get real in this animated web series, Agent King. Created by John Eddie, this series looks promising, especially the storyline. So, let’s wait for a couple of more months, maybe, until the time we get notified by its official release date. 

I am already excited! 

  1. Bloom 

Now, this is going to be something truly binge-worthy. The story or the plot revolves around women attempting to entering the world of fashion, post-world war. It is a story of revolution and the challenges women overcome to create their own fashion statements in world subdued in severe masculinity and patriarchal norms. If you explore a lot about the history of women fashion and their contribution to this domain, then watching series like Bloom will apparently introduce you to the bigger picture? 

So, are you excited to watch the series? The official release date will be shared soon. 

  1. Battle Kitty

If you are bored at home and fed up with contemplating the dire consequences of the Covid-19 criticality, then here is your chance to lighten up your mood and get back to the good old days of your childhood. Battle Kitty is basically a kid’s animated web series that comprises action, adventure and lots fun. The release date will be disclosed soon.

So, let the countdown begin as the battle kitty is all geared up to uplift your mood during these gloomy and trying times. 

  1. Angry Birds: Summer Madness 

How fascinated were you as a youngster, with the legendary Angry Birds mobile video game? How about getting to experience your favourite Angry Birds characters in a movie? Well, things are about to get real, pretty soon. The animated, big-budget movie is already on its way, all set to join the wagon in 2021. 

Parting Thoughts, 

Now that you have the list of the six most-awaited and exciting Netflix series to watch out for, in 2021, simply sit back and chill. Switch on the TV, munch on your favourite snacks, part ways with anxiety and welcome entertainment, positivity and lots of laughter. 

Also, remember, you should be strictly obliged to sticking to genuine Netflix subscriptions instead of signing up for any form of pirated downloads and other shortcuts.

If you are looking for a comfortable offline viewing experience, you can simply download all the favorite tv series from ipiratebay. This is a far safer, easier and more affordable option when it comes to catching the latest movies or tv shows. 


Author Bio: Suhana Williams is an experienced academic writer, associated with the digital platform java assignment help for the last five years. Also, he is a freelance film reviewer, tech blogger and photographer, coming all the way from Birmingham, the United Kingdom.