5 Ways Technology Helps Make Sports Better Than Ever


In the 21st-century sports world, new advances in technology impact many aspects of a game – from on/off-field performance to sports equipment and fans’ experience. 

In the last few decades, technology has changed the world for the better. There’s arguably any sector that hasn’t been impacted by technology. Today, we’ve multi-functional devices that make life easier and better. For example, smartphones enable people to connect with others in different ways – from calling to messaging and social media. In addition, they can use the device to manage their bank accounts, buy products online, order food, and do lots of things. 

One sector that has experienced revolution due to modern technology is sports. Not just players but spectators and fans cheering from home also enjoy the benefits of technology to enhance their experience with a game today. 

Sports – Yesterday and Today

For example, a few years ago, sports training included a lot of paperwork. When players practised, their coaches and staff members documented the progress manually. And, it was a challenge to scan those documents to improve the players’ performance.

However, technology has changed the way players are monitored before, during, and after a practice session. In fact, there are technologies and devices that analyse athletes when they’re on the ground playing a match. 

Apart from athletes, technology helps referees, coaches, and organisers to manage things in real-time. Apart from them, spectators and fans are also reaping the benefits of technology in sports. From replays to quick analysis on players and bet Betway, there are many ways technology allows spectators to involve more in a game. 

Here are some more ways technology shape the sports industry in a better way:

  • Better Field Conditions

Watch cricket and football matches from the 80s or 90s, and you’ll notice that on-field injuries were very common. Although there could be many reasons behind those injuries, poor field conditions were a major cause.

Over the years, with the use of advanced technology and tools, ground crews have maintained field conditions well. Today’s grounds look like there’s carpet there. 

  • Accurate Decisions

‘Goal line technology’ in football and ‘Decision Review System (DRS)’ are the best examples here. Goal line technology helps determine whether or not the ball has crossed the goal line. On the other hand, the DRS system enables a team to challenge an umpire’s decision. 

Using technology, many international and domestic leagues are creating fair games.

  • Fantasy Sports 

Fantasy sports make a match interesting for fans. Remember, when fantasy baseball was introduced? There were excited people spending hours to calculate winners. Today, fantasy sports are in almost every game and every league. From predictions to bet Betway, there are a number of ways people can get involved in a match.

  • Video Games

If you are a football fan, you must have played the FIFA ’09 game; at least once. However, this is not the only sports game. Today, when people have digital devices with the latest technology, they play different types of games. In fact, they play online against people sitting miles away from them. From FIFA 22 to Madden NFL 21 and EA Cricket, there are many types of games that interest modern-day gamers. 

  • Easy Access to Information

The use of technology isn’t limited to the sports field. Today, people have access to the latest information about a league, players participating in it, venues, and everything related to sports. For example, ESPNcricinfo is a sports website that offers the latest news and updates related to the game of cricket. 


There are many ways technology has improved the sports industry over the years. And, it is believed this is just the beginning. What do you think? What more can we experience in sports soon?