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5 Top SEO Strategies to Turn your E-Commerce Business Around

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We are truly living in a digital world and it is every business owner’s goal to create a strong online profile and with so much competition, digital marketing is the obvious way to gain an edge. The pandemic turned millions of consumers to online shopping and that doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon; if you would like to generate a high volume of web traffic to your online store, here is our top 5 list of digital marketing strategies that could turn things around.

  1. Search engine optimization – Google’s search engine is the undisputed champion, with millions of consumers searching for products and services and if your platform is not Google optimised, you are missing out big time! Talk to the best digital marketing agency in Thailand about SEO and they can probably put you on page 1 of search results, which might take a few months.
  2. Social media marketing – The SEO agency has in-house SMM teams who are dedicated to looking after clients’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tik-Tok accounts; they know how to generate a large SM following, which is great for business, whatever industry you are in. Facebook marketing can be very powerful; hook up with an SEO agency and let them handle the campaign for the best ROI.
  3. Pay per click advertising – Paid ads can be extremely effective in the hands of a digital marketing agency; when looking for such an agency, check out their client list, which tells you a lot. Google Ads can be tailored to suit your budget and the agency creates rich content and posts it on all the right platforms. Once you find a winning combination, ongoing service ensures a high volume of traffic to your e-store. Here is some info on web and mobile app design, which is a thriving sector.
  4. Outreach blogging – Link-building is a critical ingredient for any successful digital marketing plan and with blogger outreach services, you are posting inbound links all over the web. Professionally written blogs that are industry related and contain carefully placed links to your landing page; you can order from 10-1000 per month, which are posted on top blogging platforms with high DA. 
  5. Business directory listing – A great way to build good links is to list your business with all the major online directories; something the SEO agency can do. People like to search local business directories when they need a product or service and if you are represented across the board, there will be dividends.

Digital marketing is most definitely not an additional, optional service, rather it is the key to success and using the best digital marketing agency will ensure that you get a big bang for your buck. Setting up a new business is the right time to forge an alliance with a leading digital marketing agency and with their expertise, your online traffic will be setting new records.

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