The 5 Most Exotic and Best Places To Visit In South Africa

South Africa

South Africa has countless astounding places on offer, from going romping on a safari to diving with extraordinary white sharks. There are so many best places to travel in South Africa from exotic safari to picturesque deserts to beautiful cities to sunny beaches. The urban communities of South Africa like Cape Town and Durban are blends of societies and foods. Besides, this nation alone can give you a thrill ride of history and culture.

The environment of South Africa is predominantly dry and radiant. Be that as it may, you can anticipate that the temperature should decrease under zero degrees in certain spots during June and July. The nation is likewise great regarding cost-viability. South Africa is pretty much economical, contingent upon the swapping scale at the hour of your visit.

Cape Town:

Any visit to South Africa can’t be finished without visiting  Cape Town. It is one of South Africa’s three capitals. The travelers love Cape Town and take a gander at the wealth of involvement this city can offer, and it isn’t business as usual. This lovely city is encircled naturally. It has plant ponders, high pinnacle mountains, and a turquoise-shaded ocean. Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, a UNESCO legacy site, ought to be on the list.

Kruger National Park:

Kruger National Park is one of the most seasoned in South Africa and one of the greatest, covering the north 2,000,000 hectares of region. Offers a natural life safari experience at Kruger National Park is one of its sort which you won’t forget at any point soon. Kruger is home to many types of creatures. The primary fascination among them is the Big Five: lion, panther, elephant, Cape bison, and rhino. The recreation area gives both constant safaris. You can likewise set up for customized safaris or day visits.


The Drakensberg or the Dragon Mountains is the most noteworthy mountain top in South Africa. Running between the Kingdom of Lesotho and the KwaZulu Natal area, this locale is around 200 km long and brimming with cascades, caverns, and mountain streams. The uKhahlamba-Drakensberg Park is renowned for rock expressions. In the Giant’s Castle Game Reserve, you can track down right around 800 types of blooming plants. The mountain trails are renowned for climbing, trekking, rock getting over, parasailing, and waterway boating throughout the mid-year.

The Garden Route:

The Golden Route runs along the southeast shoreline of South Africa. This can fairly overcome some other driving courses on the planet regarding grand excellence. This wonderful course is nearly 200 km long and extends between Mossel Bay and Storms River. Passing through the Golden Route isn’t sufficient if you have any desire to partake in all of its effortlessness. You ought to investigate this course for a little while.


If you need to go through certain days in a tranquil and truly flawless town, you can’t bear to miss the city of Stellenbosch. The main college town in South Africa, Stellenbosch is additionally the second most seasoned. The historical backdrop of this town traces back to 1679, and you can taste that set of experiences by visiting the Village Museum and Stellenryk Museum.

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