3 Must-have Gurkha Cigars for Your Collection

Cigars have been a symbol of luxury life for a long time. From renowned personalities and connoisseurs to smokers, many wish to have the world’s finest cigars in their collection; and Gurkha cigars are a proud member of that list. Named after legendary Nepalese fighters, the cigars come in many types today. 

Earlier this year, Gurkha celebrated its 30th anniversary, an extremely popular brand in the world’s cigar industry. Kaizad Hansotia, the owner of Gurkha, believes the company’s success is a result of its passion for making luxury products for cigar lovers.

In 1989, the journey of Gurkha cigars began when Hansotia was on vacation. He stumbled upon a man selling hand-rolling cigars. The craftsmanship of the cigar impressed Hansotia, who, after getting inspiration from the seller, launched Gurkha.

Today, Gurkha sells several products under many brands. According to the company, all of its cigars are made of the highest quality tobaccos. In addition to fine ingredients, one more reason to buy these products is the artistically-oriented packaging. Apart from a local store, you can also buy Gurkha cigars online

As there are different types of Gurkha cigars to choose from, it is challenging to buy a few of them to add to your collection. Here are some of them you can get:

  • Gurkha Bourbon Collection Toro Natural – Gurkha Bourbon Collection  
Gurkha Bourbon Collection Toro Natural

Gurkha Bourbon collection includes cigars that are a result of Gurkha’s experience and Hartfield’s dedication. Although the brand has not revealed information on these cigars’ wrappers and fillers, the wrappers are aged in cedar. These can be smoked to experience the combination of oak, caramel, pepper, vanilla, and rye. 

Gurkha Bourbon Collection Toro Natural by the brand is a hand-crafted vitola that can be purchased for its complex flavor and unique aroma. The cigars with a natural wrapper and carefully-blended tobacco fillers come in a beautiful box. 

  • Gurkha Cellar Reserve 15 Year Solara – Gurkha Cellar Reserve
Gurkha Cellar Reserve 15 Year Solara

If you wish to experience the brand’s passion for cigars, then Gurkha Cellar Reserve cigars are the products to try. They are made of 15 – year old aged Dominican tobaccos and a wrapper from Nicaragua. 

The Gurkha Cellar Reserve Solara by the brand features a Dominican binder and Nicaraguan wrapper, which is oily in nature. However, the best thing about the cigar is its 15 – year old aged Dominican tobaccos, which get better with time. These delicious products come in creative packaging. In addition to a local store, you can buy Gurkha cigars online to receive them at your doorstep. 

  • Gurkha Heritage Robusto – Gurkha Heritage Cigars
Gurkha Heritage Robusto

The newest addition to the Gurkha collection, Gurkha Heritage is a unique innovation that makes smokers experience medium to full bodied blend. The brand takes ingredients from four different regions for this unique creation. Gurkha Heritage cigars have binders from Nicaragua, fillers from Nicaragua and Pennsylvanian, and Ecuadorian Rosado Habano wrappers. 

Gurkha Heritage Robusto comes with Nicaragua as its origin place. Binders and fillers are from the same place. The cigar in robusto shape can be smoked to experience medium to full flavor strength. The flavor gives you a taste of dark chocolate, spice, and coffee. In addition, you can expect the product in a creatively-created box, similar to other Gurkha cigar products. 

In the End 
There are many types of Gurkha cigars that you buy to have a unique smoking experience. If you are searching for a store to buy cigars online, then Gotham Cigars is the right place to be. Here, you get quality products and discounted Gurkha cigars price. Explore the Gurkha collection and order your product!