3 Best From Patek Nautilus Collection From Today’s Market


Most of the wristwatch manufacturers today have different ways of addressing the demands of the public. It is also evident that wristwatch makers tend to change their style depending on the trend that most people believe to be aesthetic. However, some wrist watch enthusiasts are still inclined in classical design for their wristwatch.

Having all of those details said, the wristwatch brand of Patek Philippe makes an effort to meet every demand when it comes to trends and classical wristwatches that they produce in the market. This article will help you decide on your next wristwatch from one of the most astonishing wristwatch collections from Patek Philippe, which is the Patek Nautilus Collection.

  1. Nautilus Brown Dial Men’s Watch

The first and our introductory wristwatch from the Patek Nautilus is the model 5711/1R-001. This model was released in 2015 which is made for a men’s watch. You will be getting this wristwatch in an analog type, which is one of the most practical ways of telling time as it only consumes a small amount of electrical energy, which helps it to prolong its batteries. 

The dial has an overall brown color with a touch of luminous stick hands and dotted indexes. It is built with the choice of materials of rose gold which makes this timepiece look a bit rustic for its overall look. This cushion shape with an open back timepiece has a size for its casing in about 40 millimeters in diameter and height of more or less 8.30 millimeters.

The movements of this timepiece use a caliber 342 S C with 29 jewels and a 45-hour reserve. Another wonderful addition to this wristwatch is the ability to wear this even on rainy season and beach vacations because of its water-resistance of 120 meters. Having water-resistant can be a convenient factor given that you don’t need to worry about water damage for your timepiece.

  1. Nautilus Blue Dial Men’s Watch

The second wristwatch that you should contemplate having in your list of subsequent purchases is the model 5711/1A-010, which is another timepiece from the Patek Nautilus collection. This timepiece aims to be a luxury wristwatch with a simple design and straightforward functions. This timepiece has functions that will allow you to keep track of both the time and date.

The blue dial and luminous silver-tone hands are a great way of keeping track of time, even in dim and shady places. You can also easily distinguish and read the number and letters as it is crisp and well detailed with a luminescence finish. You will get this men’s watch with a stainless steel casing and a stainless steel band, making this luxury wristwatch massive.

However, the overall quality and functions will be worth your money. It has a Patek Philippe Caliber 26-330 with a 45-hour reserve and 29 jewels. Another good function added to this timepiece is the water-resistance of 120 meters—allowing the wearer of this timepiece to use this wristwatch even on-water activities.

  1. Nautilus Blue Dial Calendar Men’s Watch

The last timepiece in our list is one of the most unusual wristwatches on our list. The model 5712/1A-001 from Patek Nautilus is technically a wristwatch that helps you tell the time. However, the distinct functions available in it are specifically made to focus on tracking the current date.

It has a three-sub dial that will help you keep track and tell the current date and time. One of the unique functions and at the same time designed for this timepiece is the date function. This stainless steel timepiece has a transparent back and is paired with a stainless steel band for sturdiness. Besides its compact materials, it has a water-resistance of 120 meters deep.

The oval shape with a size of 40 millimeters in diameter and 8.52 millimeters in height is also a comfortable option for people with big wrists. The movements of Patek Philippe Calibre 240 PS IRM C LU with 48-hour reserve and having 29 jewels is a steal for its price. In addition, you will also get a power reserve indicator, which is always a good thing to have.


Having the advantage to shop from various wrist watches available today is a huge benefit given that you can contemplate and decide on the suitable wristwatch that suits both your needs and wants. The Patek Philippe collection is shown to produce quality wristwatches, making it a reliable brand to look for your next timepiece. Hence, choosing the best timepiece that suits you from their brand can be a good option.