10 Medical Marketing StrategiesTo Use For Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Medical Marketing Guidelines to Write Down

Healthcare marketing is more than black and white. Healthcare patients find it inconvenient to visit a hospital to decide whether they would like to be treated. It’s even more difficult for plastic surgery practices as health insurance firms do not recommend them to their clients. When majoring in plastic surgery, word of mouth is not nearly enough advertising to keep clients lining up. Eventually, upward growth will slow down and come to a stop if the marketing strategies used are not reviewed to match trends. Changes in the healthcare industry markets need focus to bring more clients into the practice by incorporating valuable tips for plastic surgery marketing. Here are ten medical marketing guidelines to use for your plastic surgery practice.

1. Be consistent

Expertise in the plastic surgery industry is one way of getting referrals. However, to a new client looking for the services, one practice seems as good as the rest, even with differences in skills apparent to you. Branding will set you apart. Pick what’s unique about your facility and sell it. Highlight what’s impressive, like patient treatment or the newest technology equipment and stick to it. Take time to consider the branding you want the world to your practice for before choosing. It’s what your potential clients will remember you by.

2. Consider online experience

A good-looking website is not enough to have clients looking for plastic surgery services to stick around. Incorporate what they are looking for by optimizing user experience. Ensure that the practice location and contact information can be easily seen on the website’s landing page. If you operate in numerous areas, ensure the imagery is explicit for them to contact the right person quickly.

3. Website speed

The quickest way to lose a potential client is by having a slow-loading website page. No matter how high the practice is ranking on google pages, clients are impatient with loading times. There are numerous other websites they can navigate to that offer the same services. Test the speed of the website for Google page speed for responsive times. Be aware that slow speeds can lead to lower rankings in search engines.

4. Search engine optimization

The most important thing is user experience. The medical marketing strategies you employ should focus on what prospective clients will be searching for. Use the right keywords and phrases that clients will use to search for the services. Strive always to check that the rankings are for the proper category. You do not want to be ranked high in dentistry work when you provide plastic surgery, as no one looking for plastic surgery services will find you online. When submitting content for plastic surgery to other websites, have links back to your website. A medical marketing strategy that never fails is backlinks from reputable health sites and managing website indexes.

5. Control social media image

Many practices think that a marketing strategy is using an organic social media presence to get new clientele. However, organic social media postings are redundant as no one cares about photo postings, events, and other updates without helpful content. Inform clients on what’s new and what they can look forward to. Offer tips on plastic surgery and maintenance to prompt sharing of posts from the public. Use paid advertising on social media platforms, especially Twitter and YouTube, to get the right people looking for you. However, having a specified budget on ads can be costly when searching for what works.

6. Ask for reviews

When you are confident about your skills, ask past and current clients to review the experience with the practice. Even with the best experience, many people don’t volunteer to share the good news unless prompted, thus asking for positive reviews. However, first, ensure that an evaluation is done before the clients leave the premises on their level of satisfaction. It is impractical to ask for a review when the experience is less than satisfactory. Also, employ automated reviews to rate service quality on a scale basis, usually from 1-10. The high scores automatically redirect to the website’s page for a review ensuring only good reviews are seen.

7. Follow up

A poor review and poor score mean that the marketing strategies employed are working, just not in a positive light. Follow up on the score and ask for elaboration on the problem to allow the practice to fix it. With the practice’s reputation in line, stay positive by ensuring a better client experience is achieved. The follow-up is usually motivation enough for past clients to visit again and leave another review, hopefully, a good one a second time around.

8. Use traditional methods

Generally, those in the health industry stay off advertising. Take the opportunity to employ marketing strategies used before social media, radio, television, and even newspapers to get the right clients knocking. Use the most reputable media outlets as they come off as trustworthy and can link your budding image to the media, driving up the number of clients calling in.

9. Use doctor referrals

Physician liaison is beneficial if you are to get clients who need plastic surgery. Hospitals never starved off people needing the services, and they can be the best source for your clientele. Visit hospitals, medical practices, and caregiver homes frequently and even daily is possible to get potential clients.

10. Track your marketing strategies

The shift in online presence makes it hard for one type of marketing strategies to work for your practice. Continuously monitor medical marketing strategies in place to ensure they are bringing in the clients. Budget adjustment yearly focuses on specific identified new market trends to ensure that the practice is easy to find, contact, and book.

Consider hiring outside help to optimize the practice website. Plan and budget for future medical marketing strategies to ensure that the client population will grow systematically as each aspect is considered. Use different types of medical marketing strategies that have been tested and proven to work to avoid disappointments when something new doesn’t work. Stick to the basics and remember that the client experience on the offered service is the best marketing strategy available.

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