Your Quick Guide to a Luxurious Wedding


Your wedding day is quite possibly going to be one of the best days of your life (depending on the rest of it!) As such, you will probably spend a huge amount of time beforehand planning and organizing every detail to ensure it truly is a day of dreams.  

In fact, statistics show that, on average, a couple spends up to twenty months coming up with all of the details that will make their day exactly what they want it to be. Therefore, it’s important to get the tone and aesthetic right. 

Here are our quick-fire tips for making your wedding day something of luxury and elegance right from the start.


It goes without saying that where and when you get married will set the tone for the entire day and provide the perfect springboard for your general theme. In 2022, there is such a huge variety of wedding venues that it can sometimes seem daunting to pick one. Ideally, you need to pinpoint exactly what kind of bride you want to be to help you decide this.

For some, the classic romantic ‘princess’ idea is just perfect, and so a country estate or historical building would match this. On the other hand, if you’re more of a city person, museums or high-end hotels often offer exclusive use of their facilities for special celebrations.


Weddings are usually a long occasion, with a ‘wedding breakfast’ (conversely not normally eaten anywhere near breakfast time) making up a large part of the day where your guests can relax and socialize while celebrating you. 

Using a luxury catering company will ensure that the intricacies of what to serve and when are taken care of, with experienced professionals able to deliver upscale cuisine, service, and style to your guests.


Many catering companies also offer a huge variety of personalized touches, particularly when it comes to beverages. Maybe you’re getting married in the fall and want to warm up your guests? Why not find a company that’ll provide bespoke hot apple ciders for your guests to enjoy? 

Alternatively, a wedding at Christmas time may be the perfect opportunity for your guests to try a vodka ice bar and pretend they’re supping at the North Pole.


Flowers are one of the traditional staples of weddings, with brides and their attendants carrying bouquets during the ceremony, as well as being used as a large part of the decoration at the reception. What you may not know, though, is that flowers are also extremely versatile in their appearance, and whatever your ultimate wedding theme is, they can be used to compliment this exactly. 

For example, should you be a fan of the minimalist look, using only white flowers against a sleek backdrop can be hugely effective. Others may prefer a more colorful theme, and the use of different types of flowers as well as colors can truly ramp up the wow factor.  


The décor for your big day should always compliment your overall image. A huge trend for 2022 is holding a more rustic wedding celebration, perhaps at a farm or vineyard. 

In this case, your décor should fit with your surroundings. For a vineyard wedding reminiscent of the Tuscan landscape, why not use olive branches and fairy lights to create your own little Mediterranean identity? 

Or, if you’ve plumped for a field, a festival vibe of haybales, mason jar drinks, and bell tents will go down an absolute storm.


For many brides, this is one of the most critical components of the entire day and is perhaps seen as the most important outfit they’ll wear in their lifetime. Therefore it is incredibly important that you feel amazing in yours, as well as comfortable. The choice of dress can also feed back into your overall theme (and for some, it is actually the starting point that dictates the rest.) 

If you’re having a beach wedding or are getting married somewhere with a hot climate, the traditional ball gown ‘princess’ dress may not be appropriate. Instead, why not go for something lighter, such as a satin shift? On the other hand, maybe you want to mix it up completely, and instead of the traditional white dress, why not choose one in blush pink or gold?