Why The GC-03 RGB Gaming Chair Has Everything A Gamer Needs

Gaming Chair

Substance, skill, style. These are the three ‘S’ words that gamers look for when searching for new furniture to comprise their gaming station. Let’s go through them:

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Substance – substance is essential because ergonomic seating, robust materials, and well-designed spatial elements must abound in order to create a chair that can be enjoyed for hundreds or thousands of hours at the desk. You need to be comfortable, and the chair must support you in more than one place. The manufacturer needs to care for your seating position and overall effect on your posture.

Skill – what good is buying a ‘gaming’ furnishing if it doesn’t help you improve your gaming skill? No matter if this means grinding out resources in the latest Nordic-focused survival game, or breaching a door and throwing a flashbang to confuse the enemy team, a chair and desk must dissolve into your skilled play, serving as invisible, silent companions. Without them, your results can suffer due to your constant need for adjustment. 

Style – if you’re going to pay for a professionally-designing gaming unit, then it needs to look good. If you’ve spent so much time curating the best internal components, lighting elements, and worthwhile design for your setup, then why should your chair be an eyesore? This is why the GC-03 RGB chair has become so popular for reasons we’ll get into below.

The GC-03 RGB gaming chair is becoming widely considered as the ultimate gaming chair encompassing everything a gaming hobbyist or enthusiast may need. With sleek design, perfect support, and integrated cushioning, hours of play will remain comfortable and relaxing. Quickly buy it on Amazon here.

Ideal For Stress Relief

The GC-03 RGB gaming chair can relax anyone, even if they’re in the final three listing of their favorite battle royale game. With upper back support using curved lines to contour to your body, and a waste curve design to properly support those who like to lean back into their chairs this is the perfect model for gaming at high-intensity or simply sitting back and watching your favorite show.

On top of this, we’ve implemented density rebound foam at all levels of the chair. This means that you can relax into the chair with utter cushioning but also thorough support. This foam is known for maintaining its shape and resistance over the years, so it will remain completely durable for a long time.

Excellent Adjustability

No gaming chair is worthwhile if it doesn’t deliver a strong degree of adjustability. Our model offers 160 degrees of reclining relaxation, which is more than many other, cheaper chairs. On top of this, we offer 25 degrees of rocking, meaning that you can lean back into your chair with ultimate comfort, your back and pelvis perfectly aligned, promoting the best posture.

Of course, the chair also offers a 360-degree level of swivel, which in itself can be useful, especially if you have a large desk with many peripherals situated there. Larger ladies and gentlemen deserve comfortable seating also, which is why our one-piece steel frame provides a fantastic load-bearing capacity of up to 287lbs, or 130kg.

RGB Aesthetics

Sure, the RGB craze has come to almost all peripherals and gaming furnishings now, but nowhere does it look better than on a streamlined, well designed chair. This is because the natural contours of the chair are absolutely perfect for RGB line lighting. 

So we’ve integrated exactly that. Trimming the chair are durable lighting tubes that offer 16 kinds of single colors. It also offers flashes, gradients, strobes, a smooth mode, and more. This way, you can set up your chair to match with the aestehtic of your setup perfectly, or change it from day to day. With such a feature, you no longer have to worry about what color chair you’ll be selecting – you can have them all in one!

For those who wish to add extra style to their setup, or if you’re a streamer who wishes to complete their camera setup with a beautiful addition, consider the GC-03 RGB gaming chair.

Arm Rest Perfection

As chair designers and retailers, we know how hard it can be to find great arm rests on a chair. That’s why we endeavor to make sure all of our chairs are fitted with the best armrests you can find.

The GC-03 truly takes this approach to the next level thanks to the four-dimensional arm rests that we usually only see on the most premium executive office chairs. This means that you can slide them up, down, back and forth, as well as placing them in and out, and rotating them towards or away for you.

Why is this important? Well, we know that computers and everything that can offer are no longer just ‘for one thing.’ Many people work from home, and game in their recreational time. The need for further arm adjustability is stronger and more necessary than ever. This means you can place the arms at a perfect angle when typing up that academic project or firing off that corporate-speak email, and then you can place them in a more comfortable position when it’s time to lean back with a controller.

For many people that have only used cheap chairs up to this point, such a feature can be a revelation. Why not try it for yourself?

Durable Materials

We’ve spend so much time designing this chair that only the most premium materials will do. From excellent and durable PU leather comfort (which is also breathable in warmer weather), to one of the best SGS Class 4 gas cylinders on the market, it’s not a matter of if your chair is durable, but how long it can last after our excellent five-year limited warranty. We have a pretty good feeling you’ll be surprised by the results.

At Eureka Ergonomic, we’d be more than happy to help you decide on the right chair or gaming desk for you. We’re certain that no matter what you choose, you’ll use us as your premiere chair designers and retailers from now on. More info at