What To Consider When Choosing Business Storage In Calgary

Business storage in Calgary

As your business in Calgary grows, so is the need for extra space. Whether you need extra space to store an increased inventory of best-seller items or want to tuck away sizeable heavy equipment and machinery you rarely use, choosing the right storage place can be daunting. 

While you can keep these items in that small corner of your office or overcrowd your warehouse, this may be unsuitable for the long term. It also makes your office space and warehouse more manageable and organized. 

Business storage in Calgary is the ideal solution for small businesses requiring extra space. To help you get started, this article shares the basics of business storage and several factors to consider when choosing a suitable unit. 

What Is A Business Storage Solution?

A business storage solution is simply a rental storage space for all business valuables and belongings. Generally, business storage can benefit any business, specifically:

  • Contractors
  • Retailers
  • Realtors
  • Food and restaurant business
  • Catering businesses
  • Construction
  • Interior designers

All businesses have several items that can take up unnecessary space in their office or warehouse—from thick paper records and bulky machinery and equipment to product inventory. And the proper business storage in Calgary can temporarily store these items for you. 

7 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Business Storage

  • Items To Store

Before hunting for a business storage facility, list all items you want to store. This can help you plan and consider the space you need and any special features to look for. For instance, consider renting out a climate-controlled storage unit if you want to preserve important artifacts or business history records. 

Depending on the things you’ll need to store, your choice of storage unit can vary greatly. Understanding what you’ll keep can narrow your options and make your search easier. 

  • Size

Size is one of the most important factors to consider. You want to ensure that all items you intend to store can fit in the storage unit in terms of height and width. Similarly, you don’t want to pay for excess space. 

Thus, when listing all items, you need to store, take note of their dimensions. This can help you find a suitable storage unit to fit all your business’s items and belongings. 

  • Location

The ideal location of a business storage facility is close to your commercial office or property. This is particularly true if you need regular access to the items and business belongings stored in the unit. 

Calgary is a big city. You don’t want to choose a storage unit from the other side of the city as your business. Opting for a facility nearby not only is more convenient but also saves on travel costs and time. 

  • Access

Regarding storage unit access, most providers offer two types of service. You can choose either self-service or full service.

You’re the only one with access to your storage unit whenever you want with self-service business storage. You have your key and lock, and no staff member from the storage facility can access your unit. 

By contrast, a full-service storage unit controls who gets access to the unit. You may also have extra services, including pick-up and delivery, providing convenience when hauling valuables. 

  • Security

Security should always be a priority. Regardless of what you’re storing, you want to know that the unit and overall facility are safe and secure.

As such, you want to check with the provider and determine their security features, including 24/7 security cameras, enough guards, and fire safety features. 

  • Reviews

When choosing a business storage facility, checking for online reviews and recommendations can help you gain insight into the company. As consumers become more vocal in any service experience, you can find several review websites that allow you to determine a storage facility’s reputation. 

A provider with positive reviews and a reputation is better than those with poor or mixed reviews. You may want to pass over those with minimal online presence as well. 

  • Cost

Business storage rental costs money. As such, the cost is a significant factor when choosing the right storage unit in Calgary. Several factors, including size, storage period, and other extra services, generally influence a unit’s overall cost. 

Most providers offer a monthly cost, while others provide annual plans. Most storage providers have a security deposit and a minimum storage period. Also, check for any additional fees, including late payment penalties. 


A business storage solution is a valuable investment to keep your business clutter free and organized. However, choosing the right business storage that ticks all boxes warrants research. Don’t settle for the first facility you come across with. Consider the main points mentioned above to pick the best storage unit. This solution only truly becomes valuable if you can assure the safety of your business items.