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Unravelling the Hair Extension and Wig Industry

hair extension and wig

The hair wig and extension industry is a multi-billion dollar industry which has skyrocketed after celebrities like the Kardshians, Lady Gaga, and other renowned names of the pop culture regularly parade just about every length and color of wig available in the fashion industry, making it yet another statement and style accessory.  The hair pieces vary from a cheap 40 dollar synthetic hair to 700 dollar or more for non-chemically treated, “virgin hair.” The  spectrum of potential buyers of the hair wig and extensions include the people with alopecia- hair loss but also a new breed of social media influencers and millennials who want to imitate the new Red carpet look of their favourite celebrity. Today, there is a lot less prejudice surrounding the “blonde curly wig” or any other medium that alters the outer appearance. As the larger number of people acknowledge diversity, people are more candid and upfront about their fashion choices and are even open to sharing their beauty secrets.

The hair extension is not only a fashion statement piece but also acts as a protective headgear, protecting the scalp and hair from the harmful aftermath of bleaching, coloring and drying. Celebrities like Rihanna, Kylie Jenner regularly wear extensions and wigs in order to protect their hair from breaking out by the daily heat styling. Dying the hair is quite a commitment. Hair colors play a big role in wig experimenters. Coloring and daily styling of the hair can amplify the weakening of your hair resulting in breaking out and balding too. This is where hair extensions and wigs come into play. These colossal wigs have helped us convenience that can rock a glossy bob one day and long blonde braids the next, wigs are the way ahead. 

The making of wigs and extensions incur acute precision and labour. Hairlines are formed and replicated, texture of the hair is synced, and shade of the color is perfectly manufactured, All colors with immense precision are blended from their slightly darker roots to subtle streaks or colossal highlights which create natural texture. While the older audience benefits with a younger look with a hair extension, a wig can also give a bold style and even help them channel their thoughts and expressions personally and professionally. For the last century, the hair extensions have been a necessity for : drag queens, people suffering from hair loss, judges, people working in the domain of entertainment and the bona fide fashion enthusiast. 

The hair wig and extension industry monitors and keeps up with the ever changing trends and style of the fashion industry. In recent years it has observed a heavy influx from Gen-Z, trying to replicate that exact similar look of their favorite celebrity, without creating havoc in the health regime of their hair. It doesn’t matter what age cohort you belong to. If one chooses to wear a hair extension or wig, it is alright. If one wants to dye their hair platinum blonde, it’s okay. Today if you wear a red wig it’s okay too. Women rely heavily on us for their regular hair fix, and going out into the world with no hair is not an option. One of the major takeaways from the vogue of hair extensions and wigs is that it normalises wearing them and diminishes the stigma surrounding it;helping in offering better selection and fashion style in the hair wig industry.  The global wigs and hair extension market is estimated to reach a value of 10 billion dollar by 2023.  There are gazillion videos over the internet where one can learn- how to secure a wig, how to create a wig, how to wear a wig. It is a temporary shield for an individual, avoiding heat and chemical damage. 

Wig wearers have all the fun, regardless of the colour of the wig you choose.

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