Top Tips To Travel With Your Pet


When you’re planning a trip, there are many aspects to consider. When you add a pet to the equation, all of those intricacies might become daunting. You don’t have to leave your dog, cat, or small animal behind whether you’re traveling for leisure or moving to a new location. This furry companion is now a member of your household. And, as a pet parent, you do your best to take it with you everywhere you go.

Ø  The best way to travel with pets conveniently

With the cost of kennels, catteries and house-visiting sitters rising, taking the family’s four-legged members on vacation is becoming more normal than leaving them at home. However, traveling with a pet may be stressful for humans and animals. In this post, read all about keeping them safe while you explore any place or stay there without getting any eyebrows raised on this matter.

o   Inquire about the pet policies at the destination you are visiting — Check the criteria of your destination country, city, or state if you’re traveling overseas or even across states. The regulations and legislation may differ. Many nations and jurisdictions have their own set of health, vaccination (and quarantine) policies. You can check these restrictions by going to the country’s official embassy website.

o   Prepare your pet for the trip — One of the most crucial aspects of traveling with or without a pet is pre-travel planning. You may spare yourself and your pet many inconveniences or even problems if you prepare beforehand. Before you go, there are a few things you should attend to:

  •         Rehearse the journey — If your pet has never been on a long trip before, get them used to it by taking them on short journeys and gradually increasing the time.
  •         Allow your pet to take a relaxing walk before boarding: Allowing your pet to walk or run about before boarding the airline, bus, boat, or train is beneficial. Look for spots outside the airport or station where you can get a brief workout.
  •         Purchase the correct crate or carrier: Your pet should be able to sit, stand, and turn around comfortably in any crate or carrier.

o   Schedule an appointment with your veterinarian — It is recommended that pet owners notify their veterinarians as soon as travel becomes a possibility. It may take multiple appointments to complete all of the paperwork and vaccines, so schedule your vet visits well ahead of time.

  •         Immunization reports and tests: Blood tests, rabies certificates, and certain immunizations may be required before departure in some countries. Failure to follow these guidelines might result in your pet being separated from you when you arrive in your destination country, as officials may need to quarantine your pet.
  •         Meds and Flea and Tick Protection: If your pet is on any medications, special food, or needs flea and tick prevention, make sure to receive enough from your veterinarian to last the whole trip and a few weeks afterwards.

o   Book a pet-friendly accommodation — Although many hotels welcome pets, some may not. If you don’t want to be trapped in a hotel that isn’t pet-friendly, do your homework before making a reservation. Even if you know your hotel allows pets, make sure you have a room with a designated pet-friendly area. Some hotels may feature rooms dedicated to pet owners. In fact, most hotels will mention the animal’s breed, height, weight, and other characteristics, so be sure to read over all of their policies and ask any concerns you may have before you arrive. You may also look for pet-friendly hotels online since most places make their information available on their official website. The best solution to this issue is to book short-term rentals in St Louis  via Kasa. They provide comfortable house rentals (apartments, villas, and rooms). These are fully furnished and even have a personal kitchen and laundry machine for you (along with many other amenities and conveniences). The best part is that most of these private apartment lenders allow pets happily if they are well-trained and healthy. If you are looking to travel and have a good time in Florida, it won’t hurt taking a look at these pet-friendly apartments for rent in Miami so you can also give your fur friend a comfortable stay as well.

It takes some planning and preparation to keep your pet happy and healthy when traveling, but it is well worth the effort. You’ll both have a better time and have a fabulous vacation!