Top Golf Signage Ideas To Boost The Value Of Your Golf Tournament

golf tournament signs

It’s almost the end of 2021 – the new year full of new hopes and new chances is upon us! For many golf courses and charities, 2022 can be a great year for golf tournaments, especially in the bloom of spring. And why not? Finally, after two years of lockdown, there will be lower restrictions in social distancing next year due to a spike in the number of vaccination jabs. 

Speaking of golf tournaments, they are a great way to foster friendly competition or raise funds for a good cause. The primary way to make it happen is to sell sponsorships, and those sponsors are promoted and recognized by SIGNAGE. You got it right! Golf signs play an important role in marketing sponsors and creating a strong relationship with customers. 

In this article, we will discuss out-of-the-box golf signage ideas so that you can boost the value of your golf tournament as well as sponsorship revenue. Here we go!


Tee sponsors are plastic signs up to 24” x 36”, cut into custom shapes and printed single or double-sided. They are usually placed around the tee box on metal stakes to offer recognition to sponsors and boost their brand awareness.


Yes, golf sponsor signs can also be used in the form of vehicle graphics for golf carts. When temporary cart decals are printed using low adhesive cling media or magnets, they act as informational signage, increasing sponsorship opportunities. 


Quite often, guests and participants get lost or feel confused about the venue of the golf tournament. This is where directional signage comes into play. You can design a whole range of directional golf tournament signs to direct attendants towards venue facilities such as restroom, registration table, and so on. 

In short, it is a great trick to enhance customer experience!


Flags are the perfect advertising accessory if you are up for adding appealing accents to your ground. Available in a range of sizes and colors, flags bring in a tinge of fun and movement to the golf tournament.

By designing the right graphics, logos, and prints, you can use flags to solidify your sponsors’ brands in attendees’ minds. 


Another best use of golf tournament signs? Hang banners at the entry space to welcome attendees. You can even combine the welcome banners with backdrop event drapes to make the banners pop out and become more noticeable. This will help them know that they are at the right event, plus, excites them even more to be a part of it. 

Banners should also have the event’s title and sponsor logos to promote the main contributors of the event. Must say – it is like hitting two targets with one arrow! 

Bottom Line

The golf tournament is a holistic experience, not just for organizers, but also for attendees and sponsors. If you dream of making your upcoming tournament a mega-hit, consider the above-mentioned ideas on using golf signs to promote sponsors and increase customer experience to brilliance. At last, make sure to contact the best golf signs manufacturing/designing company for best appeal. Go for it!

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