Top Birthday Gifts for Kids


As we know, babies at this age don’t really need gifts. They are unaware that what they are getting is a new toy. In addition, as parents, we spoil them frequently. Personally, I believe that if you want to offer a gift for your baby’s 1-5 year old, you must above all combine the useful with the pleasant and offer him a present that he can use in the long term.

 Here are some ideas:

1. Books 

We never have too many books! Reading is a gift you give your children for the future. So, whether you offer a picture book, a story book, a hardback book, a bath book, it gives Baby the chance to learn while having fun and as a bonus the beautiful moments that you will share with him. If you are looking for book recommendations, you can visit this page. 

2. A learning tower

A leaning tower is wonderful! It can be used for several years. The best part about this gift is that it will allow you to spend beautiful moments with your baby in the kitchen. Make meals with him to involve him in daily life! Several online websites sell it. You can look for it.

3 A water table

 If Baby is 1-5 year old during the summer, a water table is a great idea. For hot weather, it will refresh it and your mini will have a lot of fun using the different accessories that come with it. Baby will never tire of using this item, even when he is older!

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4. A trotter

 If your child still doesn’t have a baby walker this would be a great gift for their 1 -3 year birthday. It will allow him to move around without the help of Mom and Dad. He will develop his independence and it will be a nice introduction before walking alone. Babies love their baby walker even after they have learned the skill to walk.

5.Musical instruments

Anything that makes noise intrigues babies a lot. Music has many benefits for toddlers. Playing an instrument allows him, among other things, to develop his creativity and imagination.

6. A balance bike

 A balance bike is great because it will use it for a long time. The best part about this gift is that Baby will have a lot of fun outside in the yard or in the neighboring streets. He will enjoy the great outdoors while having fun! There are several on the market. So you are spoiled for choice, but those from Coco Village are very popular.

7. A push cart for the outdoors

My boy LOVES his little outdoor car. He already enjoys walking the streets of the neighborhood in a stroller, but riding his cart and being pushed by his parents is a time of day he particularly enjoys. This gift is one that will serve you for many years. 

8.Little people toys

They have been around for a long time! I used to play it when I was very young myself. Obviously, they have been revisited since and have evolved over time. But, the fact remains that these are still very popular toys for children. They can have fun pretending thanks to the small figurines available. There are several, but in my opinion, the musts are: farm animals, the mutual aid house, push car, kids stunt scooter, a pedal car, a trike, or a balance bike. Some of these toys are powered by batteries, while others allow your kids to use their muscles to go from one place to another.

9. Games for language

Casually, your little one is growing and in no time will he be speaking words! To develop Baby’s vocabulary and encourage him to communicate with you, I recommend the games from Placote They have some interesting educational games which are suitable for children between 0-4 years old.  

While we’re at it, why not take the opportunity to buy a reusable gift wrap to wrap your mini’s gift? Ficelle & Baluchon make them really cute ones that can serve you again for a few years. They offer bags of different sizes with patterns for all tastes.

Finally, whether your baby’s birthday party is minimalist or grandiose, the important thing is that you are satisfied with the result. If everything doesn’t go the way you want it to, mini won’t blame you. At the end of the day, he’ll just be happy to be in your company and enjoy the moment with his loved ones.

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