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Tips And Tricks to Choose the Best Men’s Dress Shirt Style

Having adequate knowledge of shirt materials and certification of quality, now you’ve to focus on style options of dress shirts. 

Dress shirts have now found an essential place in a man’s wardrobe. But gradually men have shifted to fancier ways of keeping their menswear up to the mark with the world. This has led to changes in production techniques for more of their customers and their ever-rising demands in a fashion-driven market. One thing to note is that how simple cuff dress shirts which were only functional at one time have transformed into a style statement. 

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Determining the proper fit 

There’s no denying the fact that the best fitting shirts look the most striking. On the flip side, if you’re shirt is ill-fitting, even if it has the best quality cloth, it won’t matter because it looks terrible. There is nothing in between a good-looking shirt and a bad looking shirt. 

But the question still remains on how to determine the perfect fit of a French cuff shirt considering the formality of an occasion. The fit and style variables you choose have a noteworthy verdict on the overall appearance. By perfect fit, we don’t mean one standard appearance but it varies for different people. For example, for a skinny man, a slim fit shirt will be a better option and the modern fit is for the bulkier ones. Another option is the classic fit to focus on comfort and prolonged usage. It’s more of a traditional wear while the slim fit has been lately added to the options list. The contemporary fit is a mix of both worlds. Another option is the super slim fit which is only reserved for the skinniest men. 

How to style a dress shirt? 

The definition of style can be very subjective and personal. This guide is to help you find those style elements highlighting the purpose behind wearing a designer (formal or informal) Convertible cuff dress shirt. No matter if you choose a plain, checkered or a printed shirt, the style statement will work for each of them. 


If you want your shirt to blend with a formal occasion, try to have no pockets in front. It can be formal even if it has one pocket but not more than that in any case. In place of a chest pocket, fashionable shirts have darts and decorative stitching. As you increase the number of pockets on your shirt, you are moving up the scale of informality. 


The style of hair color is again a significant determinant of the formality. It’s the most visible part of the shirt and can enhance the wearer’s face. While they have the name of every collar style, a medium spread collar from one brand might look very different from a medium spread collar from another. The distance from the tie and the other side of the color is now a thing. 

Also, you can choose the stitch distance from the edges, and when combined with fused and non-fused interlining, the height, there are innumerable options. 

Cuff styles

If you follow the traditional style, French cuff shirts have the most common usage for a more formal setting. Cufflinks allow men to use a quintessential piece of jewelry in their styling. In the modern sense, cufflinks have become very necessary but this necessity is only reserved for formal occasions. It’s almost mandatory without a three-piece suit or tuxedo. Coming to the variation in styling, you need to consider your sleeve length, color, and texture of the shirt. Either go for matching elements or contrasting elements with the color. These variables leave you with numerous options for cuff styles. 


As you might have noticed, moving up the scale of modern styling of dress shirts increases the options. It becomes all the more confusing, but once you determine the above variables, the possibilities narrow down. So, follow the styling bits for a better experience of wearing a cuffed shirt. Many online platforms have now started to inform their customers about the options for a specific occasion.