The Different Types of Supported Housing Explained

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Supported housing is the umbrella term applied to a range of housing-based solutions. They are available to anyone who finds it difficult to manage their day-to-day routine and general home care without extra support for a plethora of possible reasons. 

There are three main types of supported housing available throughout the United States, each one a more long-term solution than the next, meaning it is crucial to thoroughly research each option to select the best choice for you or your loved one. 

Support in Your Own Home

When a loved one has a physical disability or a debilitating mental illness such as dementia, often the best, if only for the short-term, decision is to provide in-house care. Certainly, especially for dementia sufferers, the more familiar the surrounding, the less distressing outside help, and unfamiliar faces can be. 

There are two main types of home support available in the United States: floating support and community care.

Charities usually organize floating support; therefore, the availability of the service varies dramatically from state to state. Floating support offers direct help with essential life skills like cooking and cleaning, budgeting, local activities, and maintaining tenancy and mortgage repayments. Community care is provided by state social services and is a more personal, physical presence in the home. Care workers may help you with general home maintenance, preparing meals, and help with medication. 

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities, also known as extra-care housing, offer long-term housing support that gently allows your loved one to live as independently as they want to or indeed can. Essentially, assisted living compromises a self-contained, individual flat with staff available on-site 24/7 to help with anything and everything wherever needed. 

Assisted living accommodation usually includes emergency help 24/7, optional social activities and groups within the community, communal lounges, and out-buildings that allow your loved one the opportunity to socialize as and when they feel, and regular help from the scheme manager. 

Assisted living in Clayton is a senior care facility located in the picturesque Clayton, Missouri, providing access to shopping, dining, places of worship, major roadways, and optional social excursions. Assisted living specifically serves the growing number of the active generation of seniors throughout the United States and crucially allows your loved one to stay in a community even if their needs should change over time. 

Respite Care 

While not readily available in all states, respite care is an incredibly beneficial service that provides both the caregivers and your loved one a break from the constant responsibility for the former and a change of routine and environment for the latter.

Respite care can be provided for just a few hours, overnight, long weekends, or even an entire week or more. It is vital that all caregivers are aware of respite care as an option and the best time to elect for respite care is before the caregiver starts to feel frustrated and drained, it can be a one-off option, or something that is done regularly to give everyone a much-needed break.  

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