The Biggest Islands In Hawaii


Hawaii may look small, but the amount of islands it has is just amazing and the best thing about the 60th state of America is that you can visit almost every single one of them. 

If you are planning to visit any one of them in the near future, you want to know which one is the largest in the major islands and the minor islands, and lucky for you, you came to the right place! 

The Biggest Major Islands In Hawaii – 

IslandAreaPopulationDensityHighest pointElevation
Hawaiʻi4,028.0 sq mi (10,432.5 km2)200,62945.948/sq mi (17.7407/km2)Mauna Kea13,796 ft (4,205 m)
Maui727.2 sq mi (1,883.4 km2)164,221198.630/sq mi (76.692/km2)Haleakalā10,023 ft (3,055 m)
Oʻahu596.7 sq mi (1,545.4 km2)1,016,5081,597.46/sq mi (616.78/km2)Mount Kaʻala4,003 ft (1,220 m)
Kauaʻi552.3 sq mi (1,430.5 km2)73,298121.168/sq mi (46.783/km2)Kawaikini5,243 ft (1,598 m)
Molokaʻi260.0 sq mi (673.4 km2)7,34528.250/sq mi (10.9074/km2)Kamakou4,961 ft (1,512 m)
Lānaʻi140.5 sq mi (363.9 km2)3,36722.313/sq mi (8.615/km2)Lānaʻihale3,366 ft (1,026 m)
Niʻihau69.5 sq mi (180.0 km2)842.45/sq mi (0.944/km2)Mount Pānīʻau1,250 ft (381 m)
Kahoʻolawe44.6 sq mi (115.5 km2)00/sq mi (0/km2)Puʻu Moaulanui1,483 ft (452 m)

The Biggest Minor Islands In Hawaii

If you are planning to visit the biggest minor islands in Hawaii, then here are some that you want to take a look at: 

  • Ka’ula
  • Lehua
  • Makapu’u
  • Mānana
  • Mōkōlea Rock
  • Moku’ume’ume
  • Mokoliʻi
  • Molokini
  • Moku Manu
  • Moku Ola
  • Moku o Lo’e
  • Nā Mokulua

Partial Islands Or Reefs To Visit In Hawaii 

Here is a list of the partial islands and reefs that you can visit in Hawaii:

  • Nihoa (Mokumana)
  • Necker (Mokumanamana)
  • French Frigate Shoals (Kānemilohaʻi)
  • Gardner Pinnacles (Pūhāhonu)
  • Maro Reef (Nalukākala)
  • Laysan (Kauō)
  • Lisianski Island (Papaʻāpoho)
  • Pearl and Hermes Atoll (Holoikauaua)
  • Midway Atoll (Pihemanu)
  • Kure Atoll (Mokupāpapa)

Are There Active Volcanoes On The Biggest Islands In Hawaii?

Yes, there are active volcanoes on the biggest islands in hawaii.

Please do keep in mind that each island that you can find in Hawaii has one or more volcanoes, which first erupted on the floor of the Pacific Ocean and emerged above sea level after they kept erupting. 

As of writing this, there are around 6 active volcanoes in Hawaii. 

List Of Active Volcanoes On The Biggest Islands In Hawaii 

Here are the 6 active volcanoes on the biggest islands in Hawaii:

  • Kīlauea
  • Mauna Loa
  • Hualālai
  • Mauna Kea
  • Kama’ehuakanaloa
  • Haleakalā

Are you planning to visit one of the biggest islands in Hawaii? Let us know which islands you will be visiting in the future by leaving a comment in the comments section below!

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