OUAC Guidance: A Roadmap To Set Great Career Trajectory

ouac guidance

After completing schooling, it is a bit challenging nowadays to keep yourself aware of the process of enrolling your name into the application form for further study in Ontario universities. Is it something like every university there allows candidates to separately fill out an application form to become a part of their study zone, or Do they follow a centralized system combinedly? If you aim to represent Ontario universities by being a student there, then OUAC guidance helps you make a roadmap for your career path.

What is OUAC?

OUAC stands for Ontario University Application Center. Students looking forward to enrolling themselves on undergraduate programs must visit their official website, It is one of the centralized platforms to appear in all Ontario Universities using single-mode. To complete the application form, one must fulfill all of the requirements set by the OUAC authority to create an online account successfully. 

What are the requirements for an OUAC application?

  • Going ahead with your application for the undergraduate program, you must be pursuing any of the high school courses from an Ontario school during the day. This category generally includes those graduates returning from different courses and students who are about to appear in 2nd.
  • There would not be any discontinuation allowed for more than seven months during high school education at any point.
  • Candidates must have received Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) with six 4U/M courses by the end of the current year.
  • A candidate must not have any history of enrolling in post-secondary education

 (career/ university/college).

  • Applicants must have ensured the age criteria set by OUAC, i.e. below 21 years.
  • You need to decide which university you opt for any undergraduate diploma or degree program at Ontario University. 

How To Apply Using The OUAC Website?

STEP1: Do your research and select a university 

  • Visit the official website of the universities you are willing to get your seat allotted. 
  • Keep yourself updated with university’s publications and notices.
  • Browse the programs that the university is offering. 
  • Use the OUAC code to show your interest in the respective program offered by the university.
  • Read carefully about all the requirements, eligibility criteria and specific deadlines for filling the application form. 

STEP2: Application

  • Start with creating an account on OUAC. Place your username and password on a very safe side; it helps you to check the application status from time to time.
  • Fill out the form by reading all the details very attentively.
  • Before clicking on agree and submit, make sure you have reviewed your application. 
  • Once you are ready to move further, keep your payment mode ready. And make a payment for successfully submitting your application. 
  • An OUAC reference number will generate you with all the steps set for filling out the application form. Keep it safe it will be required when you are asked to select the university choices for the program you have applied for.

STEP3: Post Application

Keep yourself updated with all the latest notices or information available for candidates under ouac guidance.

Note: OUAC doesn’t have any rights to make any decisions relating to the admission process of universities. It will depend on the university’s policies and authorities.