List of Brands Endorsed by Virat Kohli: The Iconic Brand Ambassador

List of Brands Endorsed by Virat Kohli: The Iconic Brand Ambassador

Virat Kohli is a highly sought-after brand ambassador and has endorsed several renowned brands.

Here are some of the brands that Virat Kohli has been associated with as a brand ambassador:

– Valvoline: Virat Kohli became a brand ambassador of Valvoline in October 2016, endorsing their engine oils.
– Puma: Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador for Puma India. In 2017, Puma signed a significant deal of 110 crores with him.
– Myntra: Virat Kohli is also associated with Myntra as a brand ambassador.
– Blue Star: He has endorsed Blue Star, a renowned air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company.
– MPL: Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador for Mobile Premier League (MPL), a popular mobile gaming platform.
– Digit Insurance: He has also been associated with Digit Insurance as a brand ambassador.
– Toothsi: Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador for Toothsi, a dental care company.
– Uber India: Kohli is the official brand ambassador of Uber India since March 2018.

He has also been associated with brands like Toyota, Thums Up, Boost, Manyavar, and Essilor, among others.

The List of brand Virat Endorse:

Brand Category Deal Value (INR)
Puma Sportswear 110 crores
Myntra Fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform 75 crores
Wrogn Kohli’s own clothing brand 50 crores
MRF Tyres Tyres 100 crores
Audi India Automobiles 50 crores
Colgate-Palmolive Oral care 30 crores
Boost Energy drink 25 crores
Fair & Lovely Skin care 20 crores
Digit Insurance Insurance 15 crores
Too Yumm Snacks 10 crores
MPL Sports Fantasy sports platform 10 crores
CRED Credit card management platform 10 crores
Toothsi Dental care 10 crores
Manyavar Indian ethnic wear 10 crores
Amazon Prime Video Video streaming service 10 crores

Please note that these are just estimates and the actual revenue may vary.

Which startups are funded by Virat Kohli?

Here are some startups that are funded by Virat Kohli:

  • Blue Tribe: A startup based in plant-based meat products.
  • Chisel Fitness: A fitness startup launched by Kohli himself in association with Franchise India.
  • Rage Coffee: A packaged coffee products maker.
  • Universal Sportsbiz (USPL): A fashion startup.
  • Sport Convo: A startup that connects sports fans with each other.
  • Galactus Funware Technology Pvt Ltd: An online gaming platform.
  • Digit: An insurtech startup.
  • Nueva: A health and wellness startup.
  • Wrogn: A clothing and accessories startup in which Virat Kohli owns a stake.
  • Mobile Premier League (MPL): A fantasy sports platform.

What is Virat Kohli’s net worth?

Virat Kohli’s net worth is estimated to be around $122 million (INR 1,050 crores) in 2023.

This makes him one of the richest cricketers in the world.

Kohli’s wealth comes from a variety of sources, including his cricketing contracts, brand endorsements, and business investments.

He is the highest-paid cricketer in the world, and he earns an annual salary of around $24 million from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).

He also has endorsement deals with a number of global brands, including Puma, Myntra, Wrogn, MRF Tyres, Audi India, Colgate-Palmolive, Boost, Fair & Lovely, Digit Insurance, Too Yumm, MPL Sports, CRED, Toothsi, Manyavar, and Amazon Prime Video.

These deals are worth an estimated $550 million.

In addition to his cricketing and endorsement earnings, Kohli also has a number of business investments.

He is the co-founder of the clothing brand Wrogn, and he also has investments in the startups Blue Tribe, Rage Coffee, and Sport Convo.

These investments are worth an estimated $100 million.

Why is virat kohli an iconic brand ambassador?
Virat Kohli is considered an iconic brand ambassador for several reasons:

– Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador for several renowned brands, including Puma, Myntra, Blue Star, MPL, Digit Insurance, Toothsi, and many more.
– He has a wide range of brand endorsements, which showcases his popularity and influence in the market.
– Kohli’s association with brands like Valvoline, Essilor, Luxor, and American Tourister highlights his versatility and appeal across different industries.
– His partnership with these brands signifies the alliance with a global sports icon and a legendary cricketer.
– Virat Kohli’s endorsements reflect his ability to connect with the audience and his strong personal brand image.
– His association with these brands helps in enhancing their visibility, credibility, and market reach.