How To Transfer Money and Pay Your Bills Through UPI?

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UPI or Unified Payment Interface has been a boon for many people in India. Starting from metropolitans to Tier II, III, and IV cities, UPI Pay initiated and executed by UPI Apps has made our lives a lot easier and stress-free. No more hassle of remembering your bank account details. All you need is a good reliable app, downloaded on your mobile phone. Whether money transfers or paying utility bills, you can carry out financial transactions with simple clicks and taps on the phone. This blog will tell you how to transfer money and pay your bills using UPI.

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Before you transfer money or make payments using the UPI App, you need to:

  • Download a credible app on your mobile.
  • Register your mobile number. 
  • Register your bank name and account. Ensure that your mobile is registered and linked with this account number.
  • Create UPI PIN; keep it safe and confidential. 

Transferring money using UPI

There are numerous ways to use the app to transfer money. It could be through the Virtual Payment Account or VPA, through QR code scanning, using the UPI ID, or simply entering the receiver’s mobile number. Whichever method you choose to use, all of them are quite comfortable and easy to carry out. Transferring money via UPI is one of the safest ways to do so.

  • Scanning the QR code – you need to have the QR code of the receiver. You will need to open the app and use the QR code to scan the receiver’s code. You will get prompts to enter the amount. Then, enter your PIN to confirm the payment, and the same gets processed within seconds.
  • If you wish to pay by entering the receiver’s mobile number, you need the exact phone number of the receiver. Use the phonebook contact or enter the number manually. Enter the amount and the PIN. Confirm the payment, and it takes a few minutes for the transfer to occur.
  • You can also enter the UPI ID of the receiver in the app, enter the amount, confirm the PIN and complete the transfer process in no time.
  • The other way is to enter the receiver’s account number along with the IFSC code. Even though it is the traditional way, if you remember these details of the receiver, you can transfer money within a few minutes with ease. 

Paying bills using UPI

Paying bills or getting your recharges done – all of these are straightforward with a dependable UPI App. You will generally get reminders about pending bills. For example, if you are a JIO customer, you will receive a notification about a pending bill payment or recharge before the due date. You need to click on this message from the app itself or click on bill payment and enter your login details. You will be directly taken to the payment screen if you click the message. Enter your UPI PIN and confirm the payment. If there is no message, you will first need to add the payee. It is easy to do so. Search for JIO, enter the bill amount, and confirm the PIN for the payment to process. 

If you are a JIO prepaid customer, you may want to first gain knowledge about JIO’s updated recharge plans for 2021 before proceeding ahead with the recharge. The good part is that the UPI App can browse through various fresh and updated plans from the cellular operator. Some of the plan details have been shared here for your convenience. 

JioMart Maha Cashback Plan:

  • Rs. 719 for 84 days with 2GB data per day
  • Rs. 666 for 84 days with 1.5 GB per day
  • Rs. 299 for 28 days with 2GB per day.

Jio’s 1.5 GB per day packs

  • Rs. 2545 for 336 days
  • Rs. 479 for 56 days,
  • Rs. 239 for 28 days

Jio’s 2 GB per day plans

  • Rs. 3119 for 365 days
  • Rs. 1066 for 84 days
  • Rs. 799 for 56 days
  • Rs. 533 for 56 days
  • Rs. 299 for 28 days
  • Rs. 249 for 23 days

Jio’s 1 GB per day plans

  • Rs.s 209 for 28 days
  • Rs. 179 for 24 days
  • Rs. 149 for 20 days

There are multiple other plans that you can browse at Jio’s official site or the UPI App.