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Hair Transplant Procedure Cost and Benefits

Hair transplant

Being bald is out of control. For sure no one enjoys baldness. Sufferers of such concerns have to bear pointless jokes which leads to low self-esteem. Thereby avoiding public gatherings isn’t the solution for this. Nowadays the cosmetic industry has become so vast that baldness is no longer big trouble anymore.

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If you’re going through excess hair loss or a patchy scalp is affecting your social life then luckily you’re on the right site. We all know that a hair transplant cost in Dubai is the only key to overcome every sort of baldness whether it’s of a crown area or a receding hairline. Its FUE and FUT techniques would result in pleasing results. Still, so many individuals claim restored hair growth through medications or injections. Wait for a second. Just ask yourself! How many people have you seen who have taken benefit from such techniques? No right? So don’t believe in such myths. The wrong perception might provoke false assumptions in the mind and can distract you from the right procedure. Simply it would be a waste of money and time. Till now no research has proven the proficiency of medications in claiming baldness.

Besides, you’re right as per your perspective. Everyone prefers non-surgical treatment over surgical ones but what if they’re not worth it? Consequently, a depressed person will certainly lose hope in terms of his/her appearance. Hence, going for a reliable transplant is the only way out.

Please keep informed that a Hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure and doesn’t involve the risk of surgery. Its cost, benefits, and surgery details are written in this article.

Let’s understand them better.

Hair Transplant Procedure

Before we get into the details of the cost and benefits of hair transplantation, it’s necessary to explore its procedure first.

Hair transplant procedure in Dubai involves the filling of the bald region by placing the hair follicles on it. Typically such hairpieces are extracted from the donor area through FUE or FUT techniques. When more grafts are required FUT is advised otherwise FUE is suggested along. However, FUE is the latest one that doesn’t involve any complex incisions.  

The procedure for hair transplant is the same in both the techniques, the difference is only in its extraction. First of all, be aware of the surgery time. Typically 5-8 hours must be spared for it and indeed you will be under anesthesia throughout the procedure.

Step 1 – Initial Formalities 

At first, the surgeons clean out the scalp and injects the medicine for numbing purposes. While having FUE, the donor area of the scalp is trimmed.  

Step 2- Extracting hair grafts

The extraction technique is different for both FUT and FUE. With FUT, a small incision is made on the backside of the scalp to remove a strip of skin, which is then placed aside and openings are closed with stitches. By using this strip of skin, grafts are being prepared.

On the other hand, if you go for FUE, then surgeons pick out the required hairpieces without making any deep incisions. Hence sutures won’t be required.

Step-3 Grafts placement

At this point, once the surgeons have got the required amount of grafts, they would start placing them by making small holes in the bald area. This step claims expert skills for the careful placement of grafts that exhibit natural looks.

Later this step, you are free to go anywhere but with some precautionary guidelines advised by your doctor.

Hair Transplant cost

The cost of a Hair Transplant in Dubai lies in the range of AED 7,000 to AED 10,000. Based on the extent of baldness the cost varies accordingly. Each graft is having a specific rate. Typically AED 10 to AED 15 is charged individually. The more grafts you acquire, the higher will be the price. However, this estimate was for FUE.

On the other side when it comes to the cost of FUT Hair transplant in Dubai, the prices will not differ much. Due to its traditional technology rates are relatively cheaper. By this time FUT is still in use so we cannot consider FUE as its replacement but indeed it’s an advancement.

Choosing the country for hair transplant holds prime standing. In dollars, the cost for a hair transplant would be $3,500 to $14500. Indeed, it’s a great amount. Besides, while having a transplant from Dubai you will be paying less in Dirhams. One of the best choices of clinics is Dynamic. They are the leading providers of UAE’s best hair transplants. While having the treatment from this clinic you can pay large amounts in installments with zero percent interest.  

Factors affecting cost

Many factors upset the actual hair transplant cost. Among all, the most leading one is the place where the patient chooses to have a transplant. Every clinic is offering this surgery but please ensure that they are authentic. Simply just go through their testimonials of past clients as it would help in some way. For sure well-reputed clinics charge more than the ordinary ones but you shouldn’t comprise the results for some cost.

Let’s take a closer look at its cost-defining factors,

  • Baldness extent
  • Hair grafts required
  • Technique used
  • Expertise of doctor


Millions of people opt for hair transplants every year due to their tremendous benefits. The best thing about this procedure is that you will acquire the lifetime benefit of natural hair. Most likely, a successful hair transplant in Dubai offers the benefit of,

  • Boosted self-confidence
  • Scar-free results
  • No more baldness
  • Choice of hairstyles

Let’s sum up!

A hair transplant procedure is ideal for those who’re tired of living a bald life. Its cost is simply affordable as you can get it at AED 7,000 to AED 10,000 in Dubai. While in other countries you need to pay more. Hence, its long list of benefits is difficult to summarize as we have mentioned above the most significant ones. 

I expect that you’re not having any doubt regarding hair transplant procedure, cost, and benefits but in case you wish to know more about it, please visit the nearest consultant.