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Learn About Crystal Healing Therapy To Reconnect With Your Inner Self!

Crystal Healing Therapy

In the high-paced life and hectic lifestyle of individuals, they usually fail to add essential nutrients to their daily diet and suffer various illnesses like fatigue, upset stomach, and much more. People are nowadays looking for alternatives of medicines such as therapies to streamline the internal processes of their body and feel energetic. The healing properties of various crystals(fossilized minerals) are known to bring peace to the mind and fight the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Crystal healing therapy is an ancient form of medicine that is used to align the body chakras while practising self-care. 

Do crystals have healing powers?

Humans have cherished crystals for millions of years. These semi-precious stones are believed to possess healing powers by Ayurvedic doctors. Moreover, many celebrities and influencers are also seen practising crystal healing therapy, such as holding a crystal in the hand while performing on stage to keep themselves calm. Although no legitimate studies have been done to back up the claim of crystals having healing powers, individuals have experienced the vibrational effects of crystals on their minds and bodies. Learning about crystals and becoming a certified practitioner of crystal healing therapy is a thing these days. 

Crystal healing therapy is performed With the help of several crystals, including quartz, topaz, tourmaline, etc., by placing them on different body parts of an individual. Different crystals possess different sets of healing properties that enhance your body functioning and help to calm your mind, body, and soul. 

How do crystals work on an individual’s body? 

Crystals including lapis lazuli, carnelian and turquoise have been worn by ancient Egyptians to get rid of illness and negative energy. The practitioners of crystal healing therapy use traditional concepts of life energy and chakras to connect the physical and supernatural elements of the body. Each stone is assigned an individual property like amethyst is beneficial for the intestine, yellow topaz clears your mind of any stress, and so on.

Before starting the treatment session, the practitioner notes down the symptoms reported by the patient and accordingly, they choose the crystals to be placed on different parts of your body. During the crystal healing therapy, the healer places the crystals on your body aligned with different chakra points. The crystals are primarily placed on the :

  • Head, 
  • Forehead, 
  • Throat, 
  • Chest, 
  • Stomach, 
  • Gut, and 
  • Genital area.

Crystal can also be placed under your pillow while sleeping to walk away from illnesses, shed negative energy and absorb positive vibes. If you are wondering how to learn about crystals and witness their numerous benefits, get in touch with to know more.