AJ Fernandez Cigar Brands Every Smoker Should Try At Least Once

The cigar industry has a special place for AJ Fernandez cigars. Long filler tobaccos from prized seeds, hand-rolled by skilled artisans, and unparalleled flavors are some traits of AJ Fernandez cigars, making the brand one of the most popular names in the industry.  

Since its foundation, the brand has launched a range of products for cigar aficionados. With three generations in the business, it trades quality cigars to more than 32 nations worldwide. And, the brand is one of the most popular ones in Nicaragua, producing over 9 million cigars each year. 

AJ Fernandez cigar brand began its journey in the industry in Cuba, when Abdel’s grandfather founded the San Lotano brand. Today, it has grown to become a popular brand across the world. With its collection of numerous premium-cigar styles, the brand offers a delicious blend of strength, flavor, and fine tobacco. 

As there are a plethora of options, it becomes a challenging task to choose AJ Fernandez cigars that suit the taste of almost all smokers. Below are five AJ Fernandez cigar brands that a smoker can buy and try to experience the unique taste of the brand:

  1. AJ Fernandez Last Call
AJ Fernandez Last Call

Prepared in Esteli-based AJ Fernandez factory, Last Call features cigars offering a medium to full-bodied smokes. The products contain high-quality tobacco long fillers and binder from Nicaragua. Apart from that, these delicious cigars have Ecuadorian Habano leaf or Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper. 

AJ Fernandez Last Call brand offers cigars specially made for special occasions. They can be smoked for their flavors that feature a blend of ingredients like spices, nuts coupled with a creamy finish. 

Last call can be purchased in five different short vitolas:

  • Corticas
  • Geniales
  • Chiquitas
  • Pequenos
  • Flaquitas
  1. AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes Cigars
AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes Cigars

Translate Bella Artes, and it shows ‘Fine Arts’! Living true to its name, the brand by AJ Fernandez offers some of the most delicious products that are a fine example of the brand’s artwork.   

AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes cigars are handmade products that are prepared with skilled individuals in Nicaragua-based the Tabacalera Fernandez factory of the brand. These products feature a blend of fillers from three different regions, which are coupled with Brazilian viso leaves to infuse a sweet taste, rich in nicotine. 

Apart from that, the silky-smooth wrapper of the product is one more thing that makes AJ Fernandez Bellas Artes stand apart in the industry. It is available in four types:

  • Short Churchill
  • Toro
  • Robusto
  • Gordo
  1. AJ Fernandez Enclave Cigars
AJ Fernandez Enclave Cigars

It is another fine creation by the brand that comes from its Tabacalera Fernandez factory in Nicaragua. AJ Fernandez Enclave cigars come with a sumptuous blend of long-filler tobacco from Nicaragua and Pilato Cubano strain, which comes from the collection of Fernandez. 

To adore the delicious ingredients, the brand uses Habano Rosado wrapper in a reddish-brown color. The products give smokers experience pepper, spices, cinnamon, and cedar in each puff. 

In 2016, Cigar Aficionado named the brand among the top 25 cigars. AJ Fernandez Enclave can be purchased in four different types:

  • Robusto
  • Churchill
  • Figurado
  • Toro
  1. AJ Fernandez New World Cigars

New World by AJ Fernandez is a result of a collaboration between AJ Fernandez and his father. According to the brand, New World has been named after Christopher Columbus’ discovery of tobacco in 1492. It is said that during the expedition, Columbus met some Native Americans who offered him tobacco. 

Apart from an interesting story behind its name, AJ Fernandez New World is extremely popular among cigar enthusiasts for its high-quality ingredients. The cigar is a tasty blend of Ometepe tobacco and ligeros from three different Nicaragua places – Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa. 

AJ Fernandez combines some of the finest ingredients to create a sweet blend that gives a taste of wood, spices, coffee, and chocolate. All of them come together to provide smokers with medium to full-bodied smoke. These blends can be experienced in four stick types:

  • Belicoso
  • Robusto
  • Gordo
  • Toro

In the End

AJ Fernandez cigars are some of the most famous products in the world’s cigar industry. They can be experienced for their unique blend of quality ingredients and unforgettable flavors.