Reviewing “A Quiet Place II” – Critical Analysis

A Quiet Place II

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Talking of good movies, A Quite Place II stands out as the worthiest predecessor of its previous franchise. The movie is all about nerve-wracking sequences and the chill factor. You got to acknowledge the directorial cuts, the sudden scares and an amazing job in terms of photography, lighting and camera angles. 

To be very honest, the movie didn’t disappoint us at any point in time. Also, the actors, supporting characters, and the protagonist did a brilliant job in what they do the best: acting. But the best thing is the fact that each and everyone delivered amazing work and it merely looked like acting in the first place. 

Well, that’s not all, there’s more to it than what we have dissected so far. Now that you are eager to delve deeper and figure out the bigger picture in the context, take some time to read this blog. It shall introduce you to the broader dimension with a critically analysed and well-framed review. 

Here’s everything you need to know. 

  • Camera Angles and Photography 

I would say, those were brilliant. A blockbuster movie is nothing but genuine teamwork. And the entire team had done an amazing job here. The shots were perfectly taken and the director of photography left no stone unturned to create that sense of thrill among the audience. 

Here the creature who hunts down souls by listening to the sound and sensing what’s going around isn’t the only threat. Rather, things are even more dangerous this time, as some threats tend to surface even in the outer world this time.  Thus, the challenge is tougher and things are even tougher for the director of photography. Wondering why? 

That’s because the guy is in charge of projecting a sense of fear and awe among the audience. 

So, I would definitely praise the brilliant job done here. If the photography and camera angles hadn’t been this perfect and impressive, the movie might not have been appreciated by the mass. It’s an 8.8/10 rating from my end, solely for the camera angles and brilliant motion photography. 

  • Storytelling Techniques 

This is again one area that deserves all the appreciations of the world. Storytelling plays a crucial role in every movie and its outcome. If you fail to narrate a good story in what you would project on screen, the audience won’t find the production appealing enough. The narration is not only impressive, but is equally thrilling in every aspect. As the family is forced to navigate around the world and deal with the newfound horror. 

From jump scares to sudden silence and then back to the frets, the range and dimension of the storytelling technique used in the movie is undeniably impressive. The writer knows how to project each sequence in an order that appears to be well-placed and formatted by all means. 

Most importantly, instilling a sense of fear isn’t an easy job for a writer. The movie has excelled brilliantly in this context. The story unfolds with a sense of thrill and excitement and takes us through a series of unprecedented and nerve-wracking events. 

This, as result, makes the movie even stronger in terms of plot, narratives, references drawn and the likes. 

So, if you ask me to review the storytelling technique used in A Quiet Place II, I would give it a 7.5/10 ratings. 

  • The Element of Horror and Thrill 

Even though the storytelling technique is itself evident how scary or thrilling the movie is, the element of horror and thrill gets a special mention. The movie, primarily revolves around factors such as thrill, sudden scares and spine-chilling events. 

So, unless someone studies the element of horror and thrill thoroughly, he/she will not be able to project the same on screen. 

And the director of this movie did an amazing job here. There is hardly a moment where you would get bored or feel like leaving the couch. Each and every moment, be it the first fright, or the post-interval scares, you are bound to feel the chill. 

So, all I would say is that the movie carries a strong sense of fear and horror throughout the script. So much so, even the climax of the movies doesn’t fail to keep us glued to the chairs. What more can I ask for?  

Now if I am supposed to rate this movie, I would go for 7/10 ratings. 

  • Resemblance to the Covid Era 

Although A Quiet Place was shot before the devastating pandemic hit the earth, a couple of uncanny resemblances made the movie even better than what we expected. 

As the story tends to develop, we get to see that a few misinterpreting reports are coming from China, and it finally resulted in a series of dramatic events that raised mayhem. 

This particular theme has added to the dimension of fret and chills, all throughout the movie. 

I would give 8.5/10 ratings to show this uncanny resemblance and make the movie even a better watch than the previous one. 

To end with, 

So, all in all, I would say, the movie is a must-watch sequel and perhaps one of the best franchises ever. John Krasinski and Emily Blunt did an awe-inspiring job and made this motion picture a success in its truest sense. If you have watched the movie yet, please watch it. I can vouch for the fact that you will have your mind blown away as the plot will tend to intensify with each subsequent event.