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A Beginner’s Guide To Outdoor Christmas Decorating

holiday decorations

The Christmas spirit may soon be underway wherever you are in the world. The indoor temperatures are dropping, stores are getting more festive with Christmas songs playing in the background, and holiday decorations are being displayed everywhere you go. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to jump into the holiday cheer. Surely, you wouldn’t want your home to be the only one in the block that’s dark for Christmas. 

While this doesn’t mean going grand and all out with your Christmas decorations, getting pumped up for the Christmas season means having a few decorations here and there. The indoors is usually favored, with a Christmas tree and all, but this doesn’t mean the outdoor area of your home shouldn’t receive the same attention too. Make the most of having the festive season present in your household. 

Keep reading below for these easy outdoor Christmas decorations tips so that beginners like you will know how to get started. 

Hang Christmas Lights To Frame Your House 

This first idea is one of the simplest outdoor Christmas decorating ideas, but also one with a big impact. Hanging Christmas lights to frame your house, the roof, and the driveway makes it look like a Christmas-themed house. Choose Christmas lights in one color, preferably warm yellow or white, to make it look more elegant. 

You can do this idea as long as you don’t mind the obvious potential increase in your electricity consumption, too. Moreover, you have to be mindful enough to remember to switch off those Christmas lights before going to bed or else the risk of overheating. 

Likewise, if you want to push for having loads of Christmas lights in your home’s outdoor area, opt for solar-powered Christmas lights instead. That way, you don’t have to worry about bills and the potential of overheating. They automatically charge during the daytime through the sun to power your lights at night. 

Swap Out Your Welcome Mat 

Welcome mats are usually in brown or black colors, both of which are uninspiring for Christmas. Once Christmas starts knocking around the corner, all sorts of decorations will be displayed, including Christmas-themed welcome mats. Swap out your usual welcome mat for those more attuned to the Christmas season. 

Replace Your Front Porch Plants With A Mini Christmas Tree 

Who says Christmas trees are only for the inside of your home? You can also opt to replace your front porch plants or your usual topiary with a mini Christmas tree. You can do this, especially if you have extra tree decorations left. 

Having multiple Christmas trees is great, especially if this is a family home and you have multiple kids. Now, everyone can have their wishes come true for what they want on their Christmas tree, too. 

Line Some Pathway Christmas Trees Or Characters 

Make that pathway from your main gate to your front door even more magical by lining it up with trees or figures of Christmas soldiers, Santa Claus, reindeer, and more. This makes your pathway look classy and well thought-about as if the characters are leading you to Santa’s Workshop, your main home. 

Hang Fairy Lights And Christmas Bulbs From Trees 

Do you have trees in your backyard? Adorn them with Christmas bulbs and fairy lights for a cozier backyard. This is a decorating idea you can have the whole year round, not just for the holiday season. Opt for solar-powered bulbs like the outdoor Christmas lights if you can find such. There are many designs if you want to amp up the Christmas vibe, such as snowflake-shaped lights. 

Supersize Your Christmas Decoration 

If you have the budget for it and want to go all out, supersize your Christmas decorations for your front and backyard. Have human-sized Christmas soldiers or Santa Claus figures standing by your door and gate. You can also have giant Christmas balls and gifts placed strategically on your lawn.  

This is great, especially if your home has been designated to host Christmas gatherings this year. Perhaps you’ll be having friends over, family and relatives, and so many more other Christmas dinners. The supersized decors are the perfect starting point to welcome friends and family into your Christmas home. 

Hang Some Christmas Lanterns 

There are lanterns in all colors and themes, from colorful ones to rustic shades, winter wonderland, and whatever you fancy in your home. Christmas lanterns are a classic holiday decoration item, so your home should never be without one. Hang them across various areas of your property so you’re reminded of the Christmas star (The North Star), best known in the Christmas story books. 


Say your Christmas tree is now perfect, and the halls are decked. Now it’s time to move to the outer part of your home so it can also be part of the holiday cheer. In prioritizing the indoors first, it’s almost always the case for the outdoors to be neglected, but now that no longer has to be the case. With the tips and ideas above, you should also feel more inspired to decorate outdoors. When you are hosting many get-togethers for Christmas, those outdoor holiday decorations may pull your guests into a cozy and warm Christmas atmosphere.