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7 Dusting Hacks That Will Change the Way You Clean

Dusting Hacks

Though we love to keep our home entirely fresh and clean, we don’t enjoy the hassle of cleaning our household items. The dusting job is more annoying. You have to clean often every day.

If you don’t regularly take care of them, your house will be messier. Also, you may become sick. However, knowing some practical dusting tips can help easily clean your house. Let’s learn a few dusting hacks from Cleanzen Miami that will be a game-changer!

Handle Exhaust Fans Using Canned Air

Dust and Exhaust Fans might be the best friend to each other. You may have forgotten when your exhaust fans don’t have any dust in the past. Since they are located on the ceiling, a vacuum cleaner is not ideal for cleaning them. You can utilize canned air to make your exhaust fans free from dust. However, don’t forget to wear glasses to protect yourself.

Make Baseboards Dust-Free Using a Dry Spin Mop

Though a microfiber cloth is not that bad to clean baseboards, it takes several hours. For effective and convenient cleaning, you can utilize a dry spin mop. Keeping it free from water is crucial. Or, it will be no use. Plus, you don’t have to stress your back since it allows you to clean dust while standing up.

Clean Your Blinds Using Tongs 

Blinds are effective for sunlight blocking. But cleaning this life-saving item is not free from hassle. I don’t think you clean them using a vacuum. However, a handy kitchen item like a tong can make the dusting task effortless and effective. Make sure to cover your blinds using a soft, fresh towel and secure them by using elastic bands before cleaning.

Dust-off Your Car Dashboard Using Coffee Filters

Car dashboards are prone to collect dust. Thankfully, you can use coffee filters to handle dust since the vehicle dashboard has a flat surface. Since most coffee enthusiasts have this handy item, they can utilize it whenever their car dashboard becomes dusty. Such a simple solution!

Start Wearing Dusting Slippers

Fun yet effective, you can start wearing dusting slippers. Apart from looking cool, they can collect dust and hair from the floor surface. You walk around your home and see how much dust is collected on the below area of the shoes. Clean the slippers regularly too.

Combine a Soft Towel with The Broom

Though brooms are effective in-wall cleaning, they may not effectively remove dust from edges, corners, and some tricky areas. That’s why wrap a soft towel around the broom to dust inconspicuous areas. Don’t forget to secure the attachment using some elastic bands. Otherwise, the towel will loosen.

 Remove Dust from Ceiling Fans Using Pillow Case

We know you are raising your eyebrows repeatedly as we keep coming up with creative solutions. Ceiling Fans are another best friend of dust. You hardly see them with dust.

Instead of ruining your floor with dust, you can put a pillowcase in each fan blade. They will collect the dust while you are cleaning the fan. This will cut your time because you don’t need to wipe the floor surface.