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6 Ways To Keep Your Business Premises Clean


It’s difficult to work in a chaotic environment, especially when clutter distracts you from being productive. Moreover, an untidy environment might be one of the contributing factors that lead to the development of health problems. As you run your business, it’s your responsibility to guarantee everyone’s safety by ensuring that their workplace is clean and safe.

Listed below are a few ways you can keep your business premises clean:  

  1. Declutter Regularly

If you’ve operated your business in the same office or workspace for quite some time now, there’s a huge chance that you’ve been keeping items in your office that you thought you might need in the future. In some cases, you might also be keeping old and broken furniture as you’re unsure how to properly dispose of them. With that, you should consider hiring same-day rubbish removal services that can take care of your trash.  

Ideally, you should never keep any broken furniture lying around. By regularly decluttering your office, you can enjoy more free space and make your business premises an ideal place to work in. You can always hire professionals to help remove your broken furniture and appliances to keep the area neat.  

  1. Commit To A Cleaning Schedule 

One of the most effective ways to maintain a clean environment is by implementing and committing to a cleaning schedule. This way, you can ensure that every corner of the office space or workplace would be clean and dust-free.  

While you can ask everyone to clean after themselves at the pantry and their desks or work area, you should also create a cleaning schedule. This schedule will make it easier for the professional cleaners you’ll hire to include the walls, floors, cabinets, windows, and doors. To maximize the effect, include a monthly deep cleaning session in your schedule. And if you’re in DC and looking for professional cleaners, you can learn more about cleaning services in Washington DC here.

  1. Take Out The Trash Every Day

To ensure cleanliness and safety, you should always take out the trash each day. Even if each waste container didn’t collect much trash throughout the day, you should still make sure it’s taken out at the end of office hours. Moreover, you should clear out the dustbins mid-day if they become full right away.

When you allow the trash to stay in the room for too long, you might attract pests to your business premises. Pests not only destroy your office equipment but also bring diseases. Thus, regularly throwing out the trash is a must.  

  1. Provide Enough Cleaning Products 

Even if you’ve hired professional cleaning services for your company, you can’t expect them to do everything, especially when something happens in the workplace that needs immediate attention. Some of your staff might prefer to clean up the mess on their own. So, you should provide enough cleaning products for your employees to freely use when the need arises.  

Ideally, you should have a cleaning closet to store the tools your employees will use to easily clean up after themselves. You can include a supply of tissues, wipes, disinfectant spray, alcohol, natural cleaning products, microfiber towels, or any other basic cleaning supply they could use.  

  1. Discourage Employees To Eat From Their Desks 

While working with food on your side is your vision of a comfortable work environment, this can attract pests and insects into your business premises. To keep your office clean, you should ask your employees not to bring food to their desks. Encourage them to eat at the canteen or pantry instead. However, allowing drinks inside should be fine, provided that your employees bring sealed containers.  

For a clean environment, you should contain the area where people could eat and make a mess. If you allow the entire floor to be an open space for eating, the area can easily become dirty.

  1. Provide Enough Doormats 

While some people think that doormats are just added decorations, they can actually help prevent dirt and dust from coming inside the room. As people travel to work, expect that they’ll be exposed to and step on dust from the outside, which you wouldn’t want inside your office. With that, place doormats around the office so your employees can dust off their shoes.

If you add doormats, take the time to vacuum them regularly to ensure cleanliness. At the end of the week, you might want to consider deep cleaning your carpets. A regular vacuum cleaner can’t suck out all the dirt on your doormats.


When it comes to your business premises, you should ensure that you keep the area clean all the time. Apart from negatively impacting your workers’ comfort, a dirty environment can also raise health concerns. On that note, you should always ensure that everything’s clean, from your ceilings down to your floors.  

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