5 Benefits Of Booking Your Family Vacation Now!


Each year, the best time to begin planning and booking a vacation is in January through March. It is the perfect way to shake off the blues of winter and begin searching for offers online to travel to those dream locations. 

When you have children, there is even more reason to book your holiday during this period. Not only can it save on stress, but it can save money too. 

Still need some reasons to begin planning your yearly getaway today? Read on for five key reasons why this is a good idea. 

Save money

There have been many restrictions on travel in recent times. So even booking ahead can be a bit more complicated. But there is still money to be saved when it comes to booking ahead. It allows you to have a choice over when you want to travel, where and for how long.

It also allows you to book all-inclusive packages. This can certainly save some money.


Family-based vacations sell out quickly. Therefore, it is best to book them earlier to avoid disappointment. 

Many Outrigger Hotels and Resorts can offer you a family-based vacation for a good price in luxurious destinations like Maui. But as these locations are luxurious, they can sell out quickly. So, to keep free-range over where you go for your trip, you will need to book earlier.

There is nothing worse than finding out that your dream location is overbooked. Take note of hotels with kids’ clubs and other entertainment features. They often sell out the quickest, so get online and book!


After Christmas, money is often tight for families, but this makes it the best time to book. This is because the estate agents are looking for ways to lure people in. 

During this time period, more hotels offer ‘Kids Stay Free’ deals, which are very popular. But as you can guess, they don’t last long. Aim to book early to avoid disappointment. 

Many travel agencies also offer lower deposits for vacations during these months. Keep your eyes open and book quickly.

Financial management

Another benefit of booking your trip earlier in the year is the financial freedom it can bring. Low deposits mean you can book a vacation for very little. This also means you can pay off your vacation bit by bit throughout the year, without having to cut back on essentials. 

This is another advantage of choosing all-inclusive early in the year. Many offer more flexible payment plans, so you can have a great vacation without breaking the bank.


Children love to travel. Especially if it is to a sunny location and they are fed up with the rain. It also allows you the time to begin planning ahead. Take the time to look at the resort you are going to stay at and plan activities. To make the entire experience more real, add it to your phone or calendar and then begin a countdown. This will make everyone feel enthusiastic.

You will be on that warm beach in no time at all!