3 Reasons Why You Should Adopt and Not Shop

3 Reasons Why You Should Adopt and Not Shop

If you are thinking about getting yourself a pet but are not sure if you should buy one from a breeder or go to your local shelter to adopt, then you might feel a little stuck.

There has been a massive shift in the way that adopting animals is presented to the general public now. What was once something that may not have been thought of as much when choosing a pet, is now one of the top go-to suggestions when wanting to get a pet – and there is very good reason for this.

This piece will discuss 3 reasons why you should adopt and not shop, and that might make your choice just a little easier. 

There Are Pets That Need Homes

If you just want an animal to love, there are many that are just waiting for someone to love them. Many animals in shelters can be in there for a long time, with the only consistent love coming from the employees or volunteers. A strong benefit is that the carers at the shelter will have spent some time with the animal so they know about its personality – a much safer bet than buying an animal where the main motivation is to make money. Sometimes people and animals just find each other at the right time, and if you are able to give an animal in need a home, even in their last years of life, that is a very special thing to do. 

When you find yourself a friend for life, make sure to register with a vet clinic such as vets in bonney lake so you can take good care of them.

You Help Other Animals 

When you adopt an animal from a shelter, not only do you help the animal you are rescuing, but you also then create a new space for an animal in need. Many animal shelters are at capacity, so they will have to turn animals away frequently because of the space. The more that people adopt, the more they are able to take in other animals, help them so they can get adopted out too. 

Less Expensive

Buying a pet from a store can be extremely expensive, and they are mostly looking to make a profit. When you adopt from a shelter, the money that you spend to take on your new pet will often go straight back into the shelter to help run it along with all of its expenses, to take care of the animals who need it. 

Adoption centers have a priority to find the best homes for their animals, whereas those who are selling pets will naturally see it more as a business.  

You will also find that many dogs up for adoption will already be house trained, as some are in there because owners have passed away or are unable to look after them any longer. This saves on training expenses and other accessories such as peeing pads.