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10 Exterior Decoration Tips To Furnish Your New Home

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The entry to your home gives the first impression to visitors. If you want to make your house look more welcoming and exquisite, try enhancing its look with simple updates and DIY settings. The following tips that include front door and landscape decoration will ensure that your home appears glamorous and stylish for a more inviting look:

  1. Update Your Front Door 

Changing the entire door or refurbishing it is quite an easy and quick task of improving the look of your home. If you reside in a neighborhood where most houses look alike, try as much as you can to ensure that your front door stands out while complying with your community’s house design requirements.

There are lots of modern doors with traditional features. So, you won’t have to look far before finding a door that suits your needs and, at the same time, meets the criteria of your neighborhood.

  1. Add A Covered Entrance 

Besides providing you with a roof at the front door during a rainstorm, a covered entrance is yet another way of ensuring that your house looks glammed. However, before settling on a kind of covered entrance you’d want, you should consider the style of your home. 

For instance, a small portico topped with a pediment suits colonial-style homes and can add a definition to your entrance. If your house is a cottage or a Craftsman style, covered porches fit in naturally. Having some seats and a small table, especially in covered porches, looks stylish too. You might want to check out various furniture outlets, such as Dreamo Living, which provide a wide range of seats with different styles to choose from.

  1. Furnish Your Porch

Welcome your visitors with comfortable and stylish furniture on the porch. Since your front porch is your home’s public face, try to add outdoor furniture that will help enhance the beauty of your porch while creating a room for you and your visitors to engage with each other, the neighbors, and the street’s activities. Wooden chairs that sway in the wind are suitable for this space, but small or rocking chairs may also serve as a relaxing spot between the inside and outside of your house.

  1. Upgrade Your Entryway House Numbers 

Upgrade your basic house number for a front entry appeal. You may create a DIY house number planter that includes a combination of stained cedar planks, a current metal number, and a fresh succulent plant for a distinctive front door look. Ensure that the numbers are at least 4 inches tall for easy viewing from across the street.

  1. Repaint Your Front Entry

A plaster of bright and bold paints contrasting your home’s sidings and trim is an easy way of redecorating your home’s exterior. Instead of the common white entry doors, a spring-green door may be a fancy welcome for your visitors. 

You should consider the material and style of your home too when choosing the color of your front door and facade. Also, make sure to clean all dirty spots on the knob and use metal polish on the door attachments. Ensure that your entry also reflects your home’s interior. 

  1. Replace Old Hardware 

A wall-mounted mailbox, house numbers, overhead light fixture, and the entry door lockset can either add or reduce the interest to your exterior decor. If they’re not modern, your home might not be as classy as you think. These features are more glamorous when they have a unified look.

Avoid mix-and-match pieces on your front door. Oiled bronze suits traditional homes best, while brushed nickel sits well with contemporary homes. 

  1. Install Window Boxes 

For an easy and fast way to add color and ensure the attractiveness of your home, consider installing window boxes. Window boxes made from iron or copper look glamorous on traditional homes. For cottage style, consider painted wood. Mix and match flowers to add more glam to your home.

  1. Create A Garden 

For affordable, welcoming, and colorful exterior decor, container gardens are the way to go. You may check out some ready-made container gardens at your local garden centers. Meanwhile, you may also create your own with your favorite plants.

To further enhance the look of your garden, you can choose pots made of different materials such as wood, terra-cotta, plastic, and ceramic. You can also choose to work with pots made from similar materials. Whatever the case, they all look beautiful, especially when they’re tidy and well-arranged. 

  1. Install Outdoor Lighting 

Other than providing security, low-voltage lighting enhances the look of your home. You can install some lighting on trees, around the house, or the walking path. You may invest in different types of fixtures with varying levels of illuminance for the best landscape lighting. If you don’t prefer to use lights that require wiring, solar lamps can also be your option for outdoor lighting.

  1. Glam Your Mailbox 

Most people forget that the mailbox is also part of their home. Don’t forget to glam your mailbox as you decorate your home. Paint the wooden post with a color that matches your home’s exterior palette. Surround it with beautiful flowers to make your front yard more attractive and approachable. 

Wrapping Up

Moving to a new home comes with some responsibilities. From ensuring that your new home looks as glammed as you look to making it look more welcoming, the list is endless. Make your home more eye-catching and invaluable by considering the above tips.